Liechtenstein Royal Wedding

Princess Maria Anunciata of Liechtenstein (daughter of Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg and Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein) was married to Emanuele Musini on Saturday. The ceremony was held The wedding was held at  the Schottenkirche, a baroque 12th century parish church in Vienna (an intimate civil ceremony took place in June at the Villa della Tenuta di Fassia in Italy).

The bride wore a Valentino gown made of satin with a curved neckline and fitted bodice that extended to a full skirt. A balloon hem on the skirt and train linked with the gown’s statement balloon sleeves.

An exquisite elbow length lace veil with detailed border toped the gown, anchored by the Habsburg Fringe tiara, a diadem from the bride’s paternal royal family collection. The spiky tiara contrasted beautifully with the romantic floral veil and blossoms studded through Maria Anunciata’s hair.


Five wee bridesmaids in silk frocks with botanical green sashes and white floral headdresses attended the bride, carefully maneuvering her exquisite veil.

For the evening reception held at the magnificent 16th century Liechtenstein Garden Palace, Maria Anunciata wore a silk chiffon gown with deep V neckline, horizontally drapedn beaded torso and flowing skirt. In a lovely nod to her mother’s family, she wore the Luxembourg Vine Leaves tiara, beautifully placed as a bandeau over the crown of her head.

We adore a daytime royal wedding ceremony because it means there will be hats!! Mother of the bride Princess Margaretha topped a pink bouclé Chanel dress with a horizontally pleated pink pillbox. Her younger daughter, Princess Marie-Astrid, wore a halo bandeau covered in a vibrant floral print.


Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie topped a vibrant floral dress with a wheat coloured sinamay hat with gently raised brim on one side. The hat is simply trimmed with a wide hatband that loops into an interesting large abstract bow.

Princess Claire of Luxembourg wore a bright fuchsia pink bandeau encased in crin that tied in a large bow at the nape of her neck. It  is the “Hotel Party” design by Mimoki.

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg tucked a fresh floral spray into her chignon. Her aunt, Archduchess Marie-Astrid, wore an navy rolled sinamay leaf fascinator with dotted veil while Countess Marie-Christine de Limburg-Stirum wore a sculpted dusky pink headpiece.

Archduchess Gabriella wore a bandeau headpiece that appears to be trimmed in salmon pink striped feathers.

Princess Sibilla repeated a lime sinamay hat with curving brim trimmed with silk flowers on one side. Countess Diane de Nassau topped her floral Zimmerman dress with a pink sinamay picture hat with rolled sinamay leaves, roses and feathers around the base of the crown in place of a hatband.

Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein, pictured at the far right of the group photo below, wore a wide-brimmed, lemon yellow sinamay hat with upswept brim and large bow on the side

Princess Laetitia of Belgium wore a bandeau headpiece of overlapping green feathers.

Hereditary Princess Cleopatra of Oettingen-Spielberg wore a black knotted halo bandeau headpiece wrapped in a black dotted veil. While members of the Hanover and Casiraghi families were in attendance, they did not wear hats.

As more photos of guests become available, I will update this post. In the meantime- which hats at this wedding stand out most to you?

Images from social media as indicated  

11 thoughts on “Liechtenstein Royal Wedding

  1. What a pleasure to see a royal wedding with so many hats!

    I do like Stephanie’s hat, although as others have mentioned, it doesn’t look quuite right on her – the crown looks too high (in what seems to be a design statement, rather than due to placement – I’m not sure if it would look different if differently placed, or if someone else wore it). But it was really nice to see a proper hat among so many headpieces and fascinators. As others have also mentioned, there are quite a few outfits where the colour pairings seem less than optimal – lots of attractive prints and summery designs, but then a not-so-good colour chosen for the hat.

    • While bandeaux, headpieces and fascinators are not to everyone’s taste, the construction of many of these styles still requires considerable millinery skill. Feathers don’t magically appear in the same shade as one’s frock- someone is taking the time to dye them by hand to match. I learned this morning that the dyeing process for feathers on a single hat or headpiece can take several hours.

      As such, let’s please let go of the term “proper hat.” Any handmade millinery, regardless of shape, is a proper creation.

  2. What a delight to see an actual Royal Wedding!

    The Bride’s veil is absolutely stunning. It really is the star of the ensemble. Her dress is a blast from the ’80’s with the puff sleeves and bubble skirt. Somehow it works and Maria looks stunning.

    I wanted to like HGD Stephanie’s hat, but agree with most that it looks out of place. The crown might be a bit too high. I’d love to see her experiment with more picture hats as they frame her nicely, just maybe a different style.

    My favorite hats are from Countess Diane de Nassau (the pink is lovely and her outfit is gorgeous!), as well as Archduchess Gabriella. The salmon color is quite pretty on her.

  3. HatQueen, your wedding gown descriptions are the best! In theory, I don’t like balloon hems, but this works well with the dramatic sleeves on an otherwise streamlined dress. The veil is a standout.

    Margaretha’s pleated pillbox was just right with her Chanel. I also liked Marie-Astrid’s fascinator. But, as others have said, many of the hats just seem off, either the wrong shade or shape. But what fun to have an unexpected royal wedding to discuss!

  4. Nice to see what looked like a lovely and more intimate wedding.

    I like the idea of Princess Margaretha’s pleated pillbox, but it also looks like too much of Delvigne’s organic design for this classic buclé outfit IMO. Keep to a more traditional shape and trim (and keep the pleats) and I’d be all onboard!

    I don’t mind Stéphanie’s dress, but her hat is a letdown. It looks too small for head (or somehow sitting too high at least) and is too matronly for her (I realized this hat is a natural color twin to Princess Margaretha’s dusty rose hat worn at Guillaume & Stéphanie’s wedding). Claire’s bandeau is a good color for her (I’m curious what it looks like from the back), but it does feel at odds color-wise with the softer pinks in her dress.

    Sibilla usually is among my favorite guests at weddings and while I see her hat coordinating with the lime in her dress, the pale pink jacket puts the hat (a strong color) in too much competition with the rest of her outfit (mostly pastels). Diane’s hat and dress are both fabulous for her, but it looks to not color coordinate so well unfortunately, doing the opposite of Sibilla by pairing a pastel hat with an outfit featuring bolder colors. Isabelle looks great in this yellow, a color many cannot pull off, and she always suits a big hat/wide brim; the neckerchief/scarf is also a nice touch. And while the bandeau isn’t exciting, I think Princess Laetitia looked great in her green ensemble.

    The rest of the guests looked fine in the millinery, but nothing to note from my end. Despite quite a few misses IMO, everyone seemed to enjoy the wedding, and ultimately that’s what’s most important.

    • Surprise! I didn’t expect to see any royal weddings for a while! The skirt on this wedding dress looks a bit too much like a duvet if I’m honest but that veil is absolutely gorgeous.

      I agree with Jake’s comments about a lot of the hats not matching the dresses. I suppose it’s like the rest of us, reaching into our closets and saying, “Well, that’s close enough!” I do love all the floral dresses and hats. It’s like a final hurrah to summer.

      Thanks for getting my week off to such a lovely start with this!

  5. Congratulations to Princess Maria Anunciata and Emanuele Musini!

    Lovely bride, impressive tiaras. I’m not a fan of the balloon hem but concede the feature completes the overall look with the puffed sleeves.

    Princess Margaretha’s pink pillbox, Archduchess Maria-Astrid’s fascinator, and Countess Diane’s picture hats are my favorites. HGD Stephanie’s hat is good but the crown looks a tad big/tall. Princess Isabelle’s large hats are always appreciated.

  6. I think the brides outfit could be divisive, but I love it. Sensibly the dress allows it’s statement features to stand out, and I just love the use of the fringe here, especially with the flowers on the veil and her hair, it’s a fantastic look, but not for the faint hearted!

    Amongst the guests there are lots of hats that don’t go with their outfits! Stephanie’s dress and hat seem at odds, (and I just think it’s a bit old for her), Claire is normally so stylish but I find the shade of pink all wrong. And Sibilla and Diane also have hats in too bright hues for their dresses.

    I do love Margaretha’s classic Chanel. And I’ve never heard of Hereditary Princess Cleopatra of Oettingen Spielberg before but by her name along I love her.

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