This Week’s Extras

Imperial princesses in ivory silk covered hats on Thursday to attend the Autumn Equinox Festival at the Three Palace Sanctuaries.

On September 17, Queen Margrethe visited the Army Officers’ School at Frederiksberg Castle to unveil two new art projects aimed at supporting the dissemination of officers in the Army. She repeated her navy felt hat with rounded crown, gently raised kettle brim and wide silk hatband with tied bow at the side.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Wonderful leather designs by Australian milliner Tracy Mackinnon
Headpiece of three outstanding flower poufs by Australian milliner Lauren J. Ritchie
Stunning mocha straw fedora by British milliner Louise Pocock
Statement peach straw top hat with feather flowers by Dutch milliner Josemieke Crebolder
Bandeau headpiece of hand rolled red organza ruffles by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Simply exquisite pink feather headpiece by Australian milliner Belinda Osbourne
Fuchsia button with deep orange silk tulip trim by British milliner Anne Tomlin
Black percher with crin brim and fantastic feather flowers by Australian milliner Rebecca Share
Scarlet sinamay saucer with burnt feathers by London-based milliner Merve Bayindir
Adore the colourful trim on this bandeau headpiece by Irish milliner Laura Hanlon
Love the asymmetrical brim on this sinamay design with navy bow by British milliner Stephen Jones
Silver sinamay button with mixed satin & sinamay twists by British brand Lomax and Skinner
Wonderful lines and texture on this sage fine straw fedora by Australian milliner Jill Humphries

Wonderful photo of the Luxembourg extended royal family taken before a concert on what would have been the late Grand Duke Jean’s 100th birthday

Images from social media as indicated 

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Wow, those Tracy Mackinnon leather hats, especially the deep purple, are stunning! So is Belinda Osbourne‘s headpiece. “Eternal Flame” is a perfect name for it. And I share Beth’s appreciation of the two fedoras.

    Great group portrait of the Luxes!

  2. Yes, I was coming here to post about Princess Anne’s repeated cocktail hat, which I quite enjoy:

    Also, I can’t recall if we did cover this appearance on here before, but on 9 September the Duchess of Gloucester visited the National Arboretum in an oft-repeated beret and outfit (which she had worn at the beginning of August as well):

  3. As I am weary of seeing headpieces, I enjoyed seeing photos of J Humphries’ and Louise Pollock’s fedoras. Great colors and textures for what we call in The States “ Indian Summer.”

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