Wedding Trio

We kick off this new week with a look at the three weddings which took place over the weekend. On Friday, the civil marriage of Grand Duke George of Russia and Rebecca Bettarini took place in Moscow.


Prince Jaime de Bourbon-Siciles, Duke of Noto, was married to Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune on Saturday at Monreale Cathedral in Sicily.  The bride’s father, the 16th Earl of Lindsay, is a prominent Scottish businessman and politician and presumably, her delicate diamond tiara is a family piece. The groom’s mother, Sofía Landaluce y Melgarejo, Duchess of Calabria, wore a black lace mantilla with high peineta comb. See a gallery of the event here.


On Saturday, Princess Marie-Astrid of Liechtenstein married Ralph Worthington at the Orbetello Cathedral in Capalbio, Italy. The bride wore the diamond Kinsky Honeysuckle Tiara from the Liechtenstein royal family’s collection. The time and subsequent dress code for these nuptials did not, unfortunately, include hats. See a gallery of the event here.

Lovely royal bridal looks all around, don’t you agree?!

Images from Getty as indicated  

5 thoughts on “Wedding Trio

  1. Rebecca Bettarini’s suit was lovely. I love the dress and tiara worn by Lady Charlotte. Princess Marie-Astrid’s dress was beautiful although I think the train rather too long. It was a huge contrast to her sister’s Valentino wedding dress at her wedding just a week before. Hopefully, the photographer can work some photoshop magic on the groom’s badly scuffed shoes and add some shine.

  2. Weddings are so nice to cover! Everyone looked so happy in these wedding pictures as they should! I loved the mantilla and I love the combination of pink and black colors. I wonder if that aqua and cream hat in the Lindsey-Bethune wedding was the mother of the bride’s hat? The tartan sashes and page boys in kilts was a lovely way to highlight the bride’s roots in this wedding! The Luxarazzi families looked very nice as they gather for another wedding in less than a month. It must have been crazy at Marie Astrid and Marie Anunciata’s house this last summer!

  3. What a lovely trio of happy couples, and all 3 brides wore diamonds in their hair. Rebecca Bettarini’s pale blue civil marriage outfit is so lovely. The color and style suit her so nicely and her bouquet is gorgeous.
    Lady Charlotte Lindesay-Bethune is so elegant. Her dress reminds me of the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess Grace’s. Her tiara is lovely. I love the Duchess of Calabria’s mantilla. She looks outstanding.
    Princess Marie-Astrid of Liechtenstein’s bridal look is so beautiful. Her dress is lovely, and I love the long train. What a beautiful veil and tiara.

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