Imperial Royal Wedding: Guests

Guests at today’s wedding of Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia and Rebecca Bettarini included several from royal houses, beginning with the groom’s immediate family.

George’s mother, Grand Duchess Mariya Vladimirovna Romanova, wore a pleated blue silk Kokoshnik headpiece with brown sable trim. The headpiece has layered blue silk bows around the back.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

The Grand Duchess’ sister, Helene Kirby, Countess Dvinskaya, wore a hat in the same orange boucle as her suit with a wide brown fur bumper brim.

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Embed from Getty Images

The bride’s mother, Carla Virginia Cacciatore, topped her blue and green ruffle collared suit with in a brown hat. The hat features freeform sinamay ruffles atop a shallow pillbox base.

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Crown Princess Elia of Albania wore the loveliest pale gray-green beret percher trimmed with green silk flowers, leaves and a net veil.

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Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein wore a black velvet pyramid hat with wide faux fur cuffed brim.

Princess Lea of Belgium wore a brown fur Cossack style hat.
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The Duchess of Braganza wore a deep eggplant veiled pillbox placed on the back of her head.

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Princess Marie-Marguerite, Duchess of Anjou, wore a statement oversize saucer in peachy-tan sinamay with steep sidesweep. The hat is trimmed with feathers studded in raw-edge crin and sinamay ruffles en masse beneath the brim on its raised side.

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What do you think of the hats that stepped out today in St. Petersburg for this event?

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9 thoughts on “Imperial Royal Wedding: Guests

  1. I adore the blue felt hat worn by this guest
    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Hello Hat Queen,

    For some reason the images from Getty and Instagram are no longer appearing. I can click on the links, but nothing shows in the blog itself. This has been going on for several days now after everything working perfectly. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    With thanks!

  3. Not unlike some other past royal weddings, the variety of hat materials here leaves me confused as to what season it is haha. Despite that, the only hat I wasn’t a fan of was Carla Virginia Cacciatore’s, but the general idea was still a good one for her.

    I wasn’t certain of what to expect with this wedding, but I am pleasantly surprised at how many good hats were worn. The Duchess of Braganza was a big surprise for me by looking great in this deep purple pillbox (and she didn’t wear brown!); hope she continues this trend in the future! The fur hats feel stereotypically Russian, but I still enjoyed seeing them since we don’t get them often (and yes, I know the controversy with fur, but hopefully they’re all vintage or made more sustainably). Crown Princess Elia’s cocktail hat was another favorite of this event. And while I don’t know who this guest is, in the Instagram slideshow with Princess Isabelle I love the large black platter hat with grey feathers in the third image!

    Overall though I hope the newlyweds are happy and get to enjoy life together.

  4. Queen Sofia was said to be going, but there are no photos, so I’m sure she did not. It was mostly soi-disant royals in attendance.
    What persuaded the Bride’s mother to wear a brown hat with her rather nice blue outfit?
    The Groom’s mother GD Maria, looked at her best – lovely kokoshnik style hat.
    Elia of Albania and Isabelle of Belgium were the best of the rest.

  5. Has anyone spotted Quern Sofia or any of the Prussian cousins? I believe that Prince Franz Wilhelm (father of the groom)was absent due to illness.

    I don’t think that Georg-Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, Head of that House and doubly second and third cousin to the groom, attended at all. His paternal grandfather Louis Ferdinand was first cousin to George’s paternal grandfather, and his paternal grandmother Kira was sister to Grand Duke Vladimir.

    This is my guess: perhaps because Grand Duke George is marrying morganatically with his wife not being a Grand Duchess with an HIH. Also, perhaps the marriage does not meet the requiremts of the current head pf the House of Prussia for its own dynastic princes, not that George is a Prussian dynast.

    It could also be worries about COVID, personal illness, or something else. King Constantine II, a godfather of the groom, did not attend due to illness. But neither did his wife Queen Anne-Marie Queen Sofia and King Simeon II of Bulgaria are also godparents of the groom. I saw King Simeon and Queen Margarita in some other photos.

    The wedding of the titular Crown Prince of Albania had more royals attending.

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