This Week’s Extras

Queen Margrethe wore a new blue plaid trilby on Thursday to open the Freedom Museum’s new, underground premises built after a 2013 fire.
On September 25, Prince Albert donned a panama hat to open the Princesse Louise-Hippolyte promenade and the Anne-Marie Campora and Joséphine Baker squares with his elder sister.
In the days before her religious wedding Rebecca Bettarini (now Princess Victoria Romanoff) was photographed with her mother in a grey Sergio Marcone beret and matching coat
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Adore the bow on this blush percher with pearl trim by Australian milliner Andrea Cainero
Amazing sense of weightlessness on this green crin bow headpiece by Australian milliner Lauren J. Ritchie
Mustard felt beret with turquoise zigzag trim by British milliner Pea Cooper
Blush Dior brimmed hat with twisted braid pyramid crown and feathers by Australian brand Jar Millinery
Wonderful pink woven percher with feather flowers by Australian milliner Rebecca Share
Coral and ivory sinamay hat with pastel feather trim by British milliner Rachel Dunn
Love the herringbone plaited silk abacca on this deep boysenberry beret percher by British milliner Bee Smith
Fantastic texture on this pink beret and bandeau by Australian milliner Lisa Hughes
Slouchy burgundy floral beret by British milliner Katherine Wallinger
Red bandeau with the most wonderful flower of ombre pink feathers by Australian milliner Belinda Osborne
Pyramid hat covered in vibrant blue feathers with French milliner Stefanie Wesle
Black leather beret with stacked vibrant fabric flower by Australian milliner Linda Ford
Lovely raffia floral embroidery on the fluted brim of this design by Australian brand Belle Folie Lifestyle
Streamlined and sophisticated purple sinamay hat with bias brim and red side bow by Dutch milliner Wies Maudjuit

Her Majesty Margareta of Romania and husband Prince Radu celebrated their silver wedding anniversary

On Friday, Today The Queen and The Duke of Rothesay welcomed local schoolchildren onto the Balmoral Estate to mark the start of the @QueensGreenCanopy tree planting season in the UK.

Images from social media as indicated 

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Thank you all who liked my hat and thank you Hat Queen Stefanie for featuring it.
    I am always very grateful for clients who are willing to pay for good, classic couture millinery. And yes, I got a few glimpses of the lady and the hat on television, although, due to Covid measures, the ceremony was somewhat thinned out.

    It is nice to see all the new hats in the weekly selection: half of them (the European part) are for Autumn and half of them (the Australian part) are for Spring, but all are colourful!

    I would like to know who made Queen Margarethe’s trilby: it is so very well done, with all the checks on the bias. And Q. M. wears it very well. I also love Queen Elisabeth’s leafy head scarf. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to dive into her scarf collection?

  2. Wow! I really like Queen Margrethe’s fedora! What a chic outfit she’s wearing. She looks phenomenal.

    Nice photos of Rebecca Bettarini. I just realized she changed her name to Victoria. Does anyone understand why? Does that happen when converting to Russian Orthodox? I’m just curious.

    – Such a pretty coral and ivory sinamay hat with pastel feather trim by British milliner Rachel Dunn. I can see this on the Duchess of Cornwall.
    – The herringbone plaited silk abacca on the deep boysenberry beret percher by British milliner Bee Smith would be a lovely Christmas hat. It’s a great style for Zara Tindall or Princess Eugenie.
    – Wies, you knocked it of of the ballpark yet again. What a beautiful sinamay hat! I agree with Catherine that this would be perfect for Princess Benedikte.

    On a side note, I just finished “Philip The Final Portrait” by Gyles Brandreth. A fascinating look at our Iron Duke. I recommend it.

  3. Joining the chorus of admiration for the stunning hat, Wies! Such elegance. Since it was a Prinsjesdag order, I hope you had the satisfaction of seeing it on the lucky wearer.

    Lots of other new designs in the berry tones this week. I especially like the Bee Smith with that herringbone base.

    No wonder Margrethe favors trilbies — she wears them so well, and this is no expectation. And Margareta looks fantastic on this happy occasion.

  4. Really enjoyed this hat, Wies. You are a creative milliner, for certain! I especially like the shape, detail, and colors in this hat. Classic simplicity!

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