Hat From the Past

Royal Hats Wishing Empress Michiko a happy 87th birthday today with a look back at one of her hats. This layered turban was worn to the Tokyo Olympics on October 21, 1964 speaks very much to the fashion of the times (the layers are a lovely touch). And of course, a nod must be given to the most darling cap on young Prince Naruhito!

Embed from Getty Images

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5 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Michiko and Akihito have long been a handsome couple and I’ve thought Michiko has looked elegant in any era; this photo just proves it again. And Naruhito in his cap is so cute. I’m glad the Japanese Imperials continue to be featured on here; I’ve learned a lot about them over the years thanks to their inclusion!

  2. Michiko has always had such a distinctive style which references fashion of the time whilst being very her, and looking back at all these pics shows that. It’s very different to the younger women in the Japanese IF who are more conservative. She’s a very stylish woman, lovely now and very beautiful on her youth.

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