Princess Marie’s Folketinget Hats

The new session of the Folketing (Danish Parliament) commences the first Tuesday of October each year with Queen Margrethe and members of the Danish royal family attending the first sitting of the house. Here are all of the past hats Princess Marie has worn to this event:

Taupe straw Susanne Juul stovepipe in 2008; Green felt pillbox with black feathers in 2009; Black straw beret n 2010

Beige trilby with black leather trim in 2011; Greige pillbox in 2012 and a black organza headpiece in 2013

Navy straw fedora in 2014; Plum felt brimmed hat in 2015

Pink sinamay flower headpiece in 2016; Repeat of the navy straw fedora 2017; Navy felt Whitely calot in 2018

It’s an autumnal hued group, save for that pink flower fascinator in 2016.  The standouts for me are the deep green 1940s pillbox in 2009 and the plum felt brimmed hat in 2015.

What do you notice about Princess Marie’s millinery style evolution through the years at this event?

Photos from Niels Henrik Dam via Getty; Hanne Juul; Francis Dean/Corbis via Getty; Corbis; Patrick van Katwijk,and Ricardo Ramirez via Corbis; Splash News/Splash News/Corbis; Ole Jensen/Corbis via Getty; Søren Bidstrup/Scanpix; Chris Christopherson

4 thoughts on “Princess Marie’s Folketinget Hats

  1. Marie’s style confines to baffle me. Most of these hats are awkward, unflattering, or event-inappropriate. The plum felt hat is probably the best of the bunch on its own, but still not right for the event. (That would be the navy calot.). The stovepipe is the worst and looks as if borrowed from Boy George (who, honestly, wore it better).

  2. The plum in 2015 is my favorite too, but I like the 2018 navy calot. The downturned brims overwhelm her delicate features, and the floral poofs come across as juvenile, not enough hat for this kind of event.

  3. It’s a nice enough selection, but not much really jumps out at me. I do also like the green pillbox, it’s a bit more distinctive than Marie often goes for.

  4. Her hats are more interesting than I would have thought but honestly, they still pale a bit in comparison to Princess Mary, Princess Benedikte and even Queen Margareta.

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