This Week’s Extras

On November 26, Princess Hisako wore a pink silk covered hat with kettle brim and floral folded hatband with silk flower trim.

On Wednesday, Queen Máxima repeated her grass-green straw hat with upturned brim by Fabienne Delvigne during a visit she and the king made to Abu Dhabi.

Princess Nobuko in a blue fabric covered hat on Thursday with a domed crown, upturned brim and bow trim for a meeting of the Japanese Red Cross in Iizuka.

On Friday, Princess Hisako wore a hat covered in oyster silk with feather spray and short upturned brim for the 130th anniversary of the Shizuoka City Red Cross. The fabric placement on the hat is very unique- do enlarge the photos below for a closer look!

I thought I’d turn the tables this month and ask for what hats are catching YOUR eyes?! Please share Instagram or website links in the comments.

Our collective condolences are extended to Crown Princess Kiko on the death of her father, Professor Tatsuhiko Kawashima.
Sweet photos shared by Nicholas and Alina Medforth-Mills of their daughter’s first birthday
And we end this exchange, that left the Princess Royal in stitches!

Images from social media as indicated 

12 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Jake, what an eclectic group of hats you’ve chosen! Being more on the traditional side, I like the green and white hat, but LOVE Wies’s hat!
    BTW, Wies, your niece is cute as a button, and I love her curly hair. She looked sensational – probably the best dressed wedding attendant.
    As for the Imperial hats, the pink and light blue ensembles stand out to me – just perfect. I think the princesses’ skin tones are more enhanced when they stay away from the beige/eggshell/cream/champagne tones.

    • Jimbo, the wedding invitation said: “Dress code: formal afternoon wear. Hats are encouraged” which I loved.
      My niece had to phone her friend to find out what formal afternoon wear meant, and I helped her a bit with the styling. There were in fact not many ladies with hats I believe (or men, for that matter), so she certainly stood out. (Favourably I think.)
      She is not only good looking, but also has a PhD in applied mathematics and is a rowing champion. (She and the bride were in the same rowing team during their year at Oxford and won the famous Boat Race. When you have known suffering and victory together, you are friends for life.)

      • Wies, your addendum to the story makes it all the better! Just think, a beautiful, brain-iac, hat wearing sportswoman! At the weddings I attend, if the dress code said “afternoon wear. Hats are encouraged,” the men would put on a clean bowling shirt, and put their baseball caps on the correct way, not backwards. Ha ha.

      • I was delighted to see this hat looking even better worn than it does on its own! Jo is a perfect hat model, and I agree that she must have stood out in the best possible way.

  2. Wonderful to see Hisako again in 2 fantastic hats, and also Nobuko in her elegant hat. It’s a shame we don’t really get any information about who makes the Japanese imperial hats because their high quality, especially with how they use fabric on so many of their hats, is superb.

    While I really liked this moss-green hat for Máxima the first time she wore it, this third outing (I thought it was more, but seeing Mathilde and a private citizen wear virtually the same hat-dress combo made me believe the number was higher) demonstrates this hat’s quality isn’t what it should be. Not being cut and blocked on the bias led to a weaker brim, which has fallen down over time (not the first of her hats to do this either). I would also prefer another outfit to go with this hat.

    Here are some hats that have caught my eye in the past couple of weeks, including this sunny yellow pillbox from New York City, USA-based Binata Millinery:

    This stunning black crinoline looped headpiece by Lagos, Nigeria-based Christine’s Atelier Millinery:

    This grass green and white wide brim straw fedora by Melbourne, Australia-based Millinery Jill:

    This wonderful black leather cocktail hat with large bow and veil from Belfast, Northern Ireland-based Grainne Maher:

    These terraced fur felt portrait hats from Toronto, Canada-based Lilliput Hats:

    And while it’s already been featured on its own, it’s always great to see a hat in action, like “Indian Summer” from our own Leiden, Netherlands-based Wies Maudit (La Plus Belle Hoeden):

    • Great picks Jake! The yellow pillbox is a stand out! This would be great on Queen Mathilde or Queen Maxima.
      The Lilliput hats would look fabulous on Camilla.

    • Thank you for the mention Jake! (My brother commissioned this hat for his daughter, my niece, and she did us proud.)

      I agree about the hats made for the Japanese Imperial family; they look as if they were made by fairies’ hands. I would love to see close-ups.

      As to Queen Máxima’s green hat: I see that you are getting mercilessly expert at judging millinery 😀. Still, it is a lovely colour.

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