Dutch Queen Opens Software Company

Queen Máxima visited Leusden today to open of the new office of AFAS Software.

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 For this event, she repeated her dark green felt hat with high sidesweeping brim, simply trimmed with a Petersham ribbon hatband and side bow.

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The brim on this hat seems to have been smoothed out since previous outings, which is a good thing. The shape and scale are almost too familiar on the Dutch queen to discuss much except to say both continue to suit her! I am on the fence about the mixed greens in this ensemble and wonder if there’s too much blue in the green shade of the hat to pair well with the leaf green of the dress?

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Oct 5, 2018;  Jan 17, 2018

After the event, Queen Máxima’s entourage was notified that longtime fan Josée, who attends many of the Dutch queen’s working visits, is undergoing cancer treatment and won’t be able to attend often in future. The resulting exchange is quietly beautiful,  Queen Máxima whispering in her ear, “I will miss you.”

What did you think of Queen Maxima’s look today?

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23 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Software Company

  1. With so many comments, there’s not much more to add — I do like both the styling and the colors of this hat and dress, including the contrast of the two shades of green, though agree that the dress seems a bit tighter than before — these things happen with all of us, even queens. The only other thing I will say is that when I first saw the title of this post “Dutch Queen Opens Software Company” come through in my email, my first totally off-kilter thought was “How will she have time to run a software company in addition to being queen?”

  2. I think Queen Máxima’s outfit is streamlined and elegant. Her behaviour towards members of the public, old or young, I find heartwarming. The little girls in the first picture of the fourth slideshow carry a cardboard saying: “Dear Queen, there are many of us wanting to be photographed with you. Would you please come over and stand with us?” And so she did.

    • Thanks Wies for that lovely translation! I also think I saw somewhere these girls were photographed with Máxima a couple years ago and wanted a new photo.

  3. Her interaction with her “fan” moved me to tears. What a lovely genuine person she is.
    I don’t care for the color of the hat ..it is a bit jarring to me with the dress.

  4. She always looks as if she really enjoys her royal duties, no matter how big or small. I love these hats on her – she’t tall enough to carry them off. I also love the different greens.

    I did think it was strange that she wasn’t wearing any jewellery. I feel naked without earrings!

  5. She looks lovely and very Máxima, the greens go very well together. Her interaction with Josée was so moving, she really is such a warm and genuine person, yet another reason why she’s just so, so good at this Queening job.

  6. I think this is a good solid outfit on Maxima, by which I mean that it looks appropriate, has an impact commensurate with a royal engagement, and doesn’t have any of the occasional issues with fit or finish. I don’t mind the two colours of green, especially as it looks as though the bag matches the hat colour? It isn’t my favourite outift on Maxima, but the familiar shape of hat is a style that she can carry off with panache, in a similar way to the Duchess of Cornwall, and I think we’re lucky that they continue to embrace large hats and bring them regularly to the royal scene!

    • It’s the fit issues regarding the dress that I have issues with as it no longer looks a comfortable dress to wear. I should look to see previous outings of this dress as I’m pretty certain it’s been worn before. I wish she’d wear more of this kind of jewel colour than the oranges, sludge and bronze colours she seems to favour.

      • She wore exactly the same outfit on the Jan 2018 occasion which is linked at the end of the post but it’s not clear if the fit of the dress was better then; I agree that it’s too tight now which is distracting.

        I very much like big-brimmed hats on her & that she has the confidence to wear them so successfully; I also like the mix of greens with the darker hue connecting the accessories. I really don’t like the design of the shoes, however, which has the effect of shortening the toe cap.

        Her interaction with the fan is really quite fabulous and, in my opinion, the essence of what being a member of a modern royal family is all about.

  7. I have been waiting for this post, so let’s go!

    I know my love of green has me totally biased, but you cannot convince me the colors of this ensemble don’t work together! I love it and it is much better and more streamline than when she added the bright blue coat during this hat’s premiere outing. The thing I find most interesting is Máxima wore no earrings this time, which is a most unusual sight.

    But there was nothing more beautiful than seeing Máxima embrace Josée and tearing up. Another example of why Máxima is one of my favorite royals.

      • No worries! It was merely a comment on how much I had been waiting to talk about this outing, but I know you have a life outside of here HatQueen (along with BMA events this month). ☺️

    • I agree with the greens looking well together, especially as the shoes and gloves were suede, so matte like the hat, where the dress was smooth. Very good look.

  8. I don’t like the hat or the dress – although I don’t mind the mix of greens. I do like that she cares about the elderly lady receiving cancer treatment.

  9. Agree and thought the same perhaps the Queen could change the wide brim style a bit. Yet I do think she wears them well…just maybe too often.

    • I much prefer them to the turban styles she also embraces.
      Our Queen Mum wore the same hat and dress in different fabrics for decades!

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