Spanish Monarchs Begin State Visit To Sweden

King Felipe and Queen Letizia arrived in Stockholm today to kick off a two-day state visit to Sweden.

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For their arrival, Queen Letizia wore an orange draped silk abacca bandeau headpiece trimmed with feather flowers, dyed a slightly darker shade and place on one side of the design.

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The colour is fantastic on the Spanish queen as is the scale. The flower placement is also interesting, framing the face instead of on top of the design, leaving the drape of the silk abaca visible. I have some quibbles about the silk abaca drape (lovelier in the video below than in photographs today) and the seasonal clash between summery headpiece and wintry cape but as Letizia does not always wear hats or headpieces for state visits, it was fantastic to see her in something today.

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Designer: It is the Guilia design by Cherubina. Dress by Carolina Herrera.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Queen Silvia repeated a bumper hat in vibrant magenta felt, worn on the back of her head in the style of a calot. The hat is trimmed with a felt cutout leaf on one side that anchors a small bunch of wispy feathers that lay across the front of the design and cascade off the other side. The saturated colour is so great on Silvia and the hat combines with the matching coat to create a polished but punchy ensemble (especially standing next to Queen Letizia in that luscious orange!).

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Kerstin Carlefalk
Previously Worn: May 23, 2019 

Crown Princess Victoria repeated a pale blue silk rose headpiece with ice blue straw twists. Princess Sofia paired her black floral dress with a black casque headpiece with chevron pointed edge.

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Designer: both are unknown
Previously Worn (Princess Victoria): Jun 14, 2019
Previously Worn (Princess Victoria): this headpiece is new

In the afternoon, the monarchs visited the Nobel Museum to see a special exhibition on Santiago Ramon y Cajal. For this, King Carl Gustaf donned a sharp dark navy Borsalino fedora.

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What do you think about this group of hats today in Sweden?

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8 thoughts on “Spanish Monarchs Begin State Visit To Sweden

  1. A very elegant look on Letizia, I love how she’s gone with the cape, the colour combo with the orange is fantastic, and quite unexpected. I also think a hat rather than a summery headband would have been a better complement, but it still works.
    Silvia is in her usual style, but it’s so good why not. That colour is fantastic, and looks so good on her.

  2. I didn’t get a summer vibe from QL’s bandeau: I thought the colour, textures & proportions of it worked very well with the rest of the outfit which was suitably autumnal and luxe.

    QS’s bumper was extremely elegant both in design & placement and, as HQ says, provided a strong contrast with QL’s palette.

    Agree that CPV did her usual stuff but, from the photos I saw, neither she nor PS was outside for the reception so perhaps she can be forgiven for the choice; PS shouldn’t have bothered since, as Bristol mentions, its virtual invisibility made a waste of time (at least CPV’s headpiece had some volume).

    PS to HQ: Being pedantic, it’s “Felipe” rather than “Philippe”!

  3. It’s a pleasure to see Letizia in any sort of head adornment, and I do like this bandeau. I also like the cape, which to me looks as though it’s suitable for such an occasion, but not paired with this dress and hat! The ensemble is much more coherent in the inside photos showing the monarchs without their outer garments, as the dress and bandeau go well together.

    I like the colour of Silvia’s hat, and it’s very much in her style. I think I prefer the placement like this towards the back, rather than the previous wearing when it was on the side and gave the impression of being a little precarious.

    I’m not sure either Victoria’s or Sofia’s are worth wearing. Sofia’s almost disappears (I didn’t hink at first that she was wearing anything on her head) and Victoria’s is one of those token things she’s so fond of, instead of something worn with conviction. I suppose I should be grateful that she wears even a token!

  4. I think Silvia looks lovely, colour and style looks so good on her.

    I think Letizia’s hat would look good on anyone but her and I don’t think the colour of the hat, dress or cape suit her colouring one iota. When I first saw the outfit yesterday I thought she’d travelled via the Netherlands and borrowed an outfit from Maxima as everything about this outfit from top to bottom screams Maxima.

    The hat itself is beautiful, but as we know hats aren’t commonplace in Spain and she doesn’t look comfortable wearing it (I thought the same of the yellow hat worn for the State Visit to the UK). She’s worn better hats. The choice of cape is disappointing. A beautiful wool suit or coat would have looked much more chic (and warmer) in chilly Sweden than wearing a cape. The hat looks dressed up but the cape and dress look dressed down – an outfit of two halves that weren’t meant to be together.

  5. Is Queen Letizia’s hat/bandeau identical to the one on the model above? I thought the trim on the model was poinsettias, which would be seasonal, even if red-orange instead of the traditional red. I agree that the placement of the trim is creatively different–I love it! Both queen’s look wonderful (although Queen Letizia looks a bit cold?)

    • Yes, the Instagram photo and video are indeed, the same design as Queen Letizia’s today (and provided directly from the company that made it). It goes to show how different a piece can appear at close view.

  6. As Queen Elizabeth just wore at the end of November what I would say is a solidly spring/summer hat (based on Northern Hemisphere weather), this abaca bandeau is surprisingly not offensive for me considering the season! It’s a gorgeous color for Letizia and the bandeau shape works very well for a royal who hardly wears hats; combined with the fabulous camel cape, it is a most wonderful autumnal gift I give thanks for just in time for that US holiday! 🙂

    Design and color-wise, this is classic Silvia. I wish she had placed this hat more forward like the last outing, but I’m not surprised she wore it the way she did this time.

    Nothing surprising from Victoria – a good look, but very much her usual. Sofia’s dress looked nice, but that casque does nothing for her unfortunately.

    Interesting to see the queens remove their hats later while Victoria kept hers on and we got a bonus fedora from Carl Gustaf.

    • Oops, forgot to add in this closeup photo of the two hats on the Letizia and Silvia:
      Embed from Getty Images

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