Balenciaga Hat Exhibit: Part 2

Several weeks ago, we enjoyed two videos put together by Spanish milliner Cristina de Prada about the incredible exhibit, “Balenciaga. The Elegance of the Hat.”  Today, we continue with two more!

Cristina recently attended the opening of this exhibition at the Cristobal Balenciaga museum in a vintage straw hat she created a custom cork hat block to form- if you have not already seen it, do scroll through her photos here. It’s fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Balenciaga Hat Exhibit: Part 2

  1. How I wish we could’ve had a closer look at that jade green feather hat! It’s stunning and would love to see it on someone. I loved how they did an X-ray view of that spiral hat to see just how much wire is in it – amazing . . .

    And now I also have a better idea of who Cristina is as well thanks to the BMA!

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