This Week’s Extras

Several readers have communicated their frustration about not being able to view links to posts on Instagram without opening personal accounts there. While milliners and others in the visual arts widely use this platform to share their creations, I agree it is unfair to require a personal account for one to simply browse. As such, I’m going to experiment with a format change here, sharing two or three Instagram embedded photos of hats that have caught my eye in the post as usual but posting the others in comments, instead of links, so that everyone can see them. We’ll try this for a few weeks- please share your feedback. 

Tuesday saw a lovely array of blue and green hats on the Imperial princesses for the annual New Year Ceremony of the Utakai Hajime (poetry reading).

Brilliant observation from Prisma that the pale blue hat Princess Tsuguko wore January 14 for the New Year’s lectures has undergone renovation since its last outing.

The new millinery designs which caught my eye this week are shared below (and in the comments):

18 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I too love the Instagram photos in the comments. However is there a way to have the comments in order of post so those show up first?

  2. Thank you so much for posting pictures in your comments. I always found it inconvenient to switch between Instagram and your blog

  3. Thanks from me, too, HQ, for your workaround to show the images from Instagram posts, just as many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are in need of visual stimulation. How inventive of Millinery Jill to transform a pillbox into a riding cap. And that sculpted pheasant feather in the Melissa-Gay designs fedora is exquisite.

    The Japanese ladies are a picture in their blues and greens. Kako’s turquoise shows beautifully against her hair, and the asymmetry is just right for her sideswept hair. Such good observation from Prisma about Tsuguko’s remodeled jacket and hat. I prefer the new, streamlined look.

    Anne looks super sharp in her red beret, but now I want her to have the Nicky Miller design with the awesome pompoms!

    Great photo of the Norwegians, with the birthday girl looking stunning! Hoping she is more enthusiastic about hats than her mother,

  4. Is Princess Tomohito’s hat open at the top? I can’t recall such a style worn by one of the Imperial princesses before.

    Ummm, I am looking at Princess Anne’s hat. Perhaps it is the angle of the particular photo, but it does not look like a fedora.

  5. The changes in your format are most welcome. I had almost given up being a subscriber as it was becoming so frustrating. Thank you!

  6. thank you for that format change! i am loathe to set up an Instagram account just to see the photos in your very informative posts, so this is a HUGE help!

    best wishes for a successful experiment!



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