Multiples: Queen Mathilde

To mark Queen Mathilde’s birthday last Friday, we’re taking a look at a Philip Treacy designed hugger percher covered in silver patterned silk trimmed with a large silver twist she has worn, so far with three different ensembles:

Look #1: With a streamlined Armani coat in the same fabric on a February 19, 2014 visit to Italy and an April 28, 2016 ship launch

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a grey silk Ann Demeulemeester dress and jacket with white pleated placket trim and three-quarter length sleves worn June 24, 2015 while on a visit to China

Look #3: With a slate blue caped collar silk dress worn July 9, 2019 on a visit to Germany

Embed from Getty Images

Which ensemble do you prefer most with this hat?

Images from Corbis; Getty as indicated 

10 thoughts on “Multiples: Queen Mathilde

  1. #1 by a mile. Scarfie1 was right on the target: “that’s clearly the outfit it was made to match.”
    Yes, it’s Johnny-one-note, but oh, what a beautiful note! Maybe with a contrasting, plain dress, it would be even better!

  2. I’m usually quite decided in my preferences, but in this case the thing that strikes me is that it’s a surprisingly versatile hat that paris well with all three outfits!

  3. Number three by a mile. That’s a beautiful dress and the hat gives it a pop. Number one is waaaay too much of a good thing, it’s a lovely style, but even if the jacket edging has contrasted it would have helped, she looks a bit enveloped in the same pattern. I’m surprised that a hat designed so specifically for an outfit pairs so well with other.

  4. So nice to see pictures of QM. It’s been awhile!

    1 and 3. Maybe it’s the photos, but I couldn’t see how anything in 2 makes sense and the hat was just an add on.

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