Hats From the Past

Royal Hats 57 years ago to the January 30, 1965 funeral of Winston Churchill. Queen Elizabeth wore a black velvet tam by Aage Thaarup with tall stem and tiny rows of impeccable vertical stitching.

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Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret both wore dramatically shaped black turbans,

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Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester ore a draped embroidered turban style hat while her sister-in-law Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, wore a black toque. The Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra wore veiled black pillboxes.

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Princess Marina of Greece wore a draped halo turban while and Queen Juliana of the Netherlands wore a large brimless fur hat. Prince Berhard starts on Queen Juliana’s right while on her left are are Charles De Gaulle and Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, all of the men in military uniform and caps.

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While the hats at events such as these are not the focus, they speak to a particular moment in time, and to the importance of the event to which they were worn.

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11 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. The hats are all elegant and somber, perfect for this stately event. I read that former president Eisenhower represented the US, but I couldn’t spot him in the photos. Anyone?

  2. A fascinating look at such a poignant day in British history. I recall watching it all, spellbound, on a tiny black and white television with my parents and brothers. The Royal ladies’ hats capture that moment in time. Thank you Hat Queen.

  3. HQ, it always amazes me how detailed and accurate your descriptions are of the Royal hats, especially if all you had to go by were these photos. I hope you don’t mind that I included here a fairly decent video with wonderful closeups of the Royal arrivals, starting at 3:28. The Queen Mother looked so grand and Royal as she climbed the steps. (I had an amusing, personal incident happen to me AFTER climbing those very steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral some 30 years ago.)

  4. Is that Mary, Princess Royal & Countess of Harewood in another turban-esque next to the Duke of Gloucester? Looks like the pair of siblings to me. We also see Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in their military caps next to Queen Juliana and President de Gaulle (you know I like to make certain none of the royal hats on men are missed!)

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