Milestone Birthday: Crown Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday, a milestone we mark by looking back at some of her memorable hats:

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This evolution shows the refining of a millinery style characterized by classic shapes and modern, clean lines with some unexpected pieces that show Crown Princess Mary is not adverse to experimentation!  What do you notice about her hats over the years?

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10 thoughts on “Milestone Birthday: Crown Princess Mary

  1. Mary is lucky that she can carry off hats on a larger scale, as well as suiting a pillbox or other smaller styles – and we are lucky that she seems to embrace all these shapes rather than sticking to a formula, so she’s a very interesting hat-wearer to watch! Lots of really excellent hats and almost no falterings, I would say, which is a splendid record.

  2. Elegant, classic, the epitome of chic! CP Mary may not have been born into a royal family, but she was definitely born royal. Very lovely, thank you for this wonderful post!!

  3. Her style evolution hasn’t been that dramatic when you look at these; she’s perhaps become more streamlined, and even more classic. But her early hats, though a little dated now, are still good – she does try different shapes, but seems to know what suits her, and doesn’t go with the craziest trends of the time I can’t really find any misses here.

    And Mary really suits a small perched or pillbox; that black and cream floral dress with the cream pillbox is one of the best looks for years, just so damn regal.

  4. She is always dressed impeccably and her hats show a wonderful myriad of style, color and texture.
    My absolute favorites are the beige percher in slide 1, group 6. She has worn that hat many times, yet it always seems so fresh and new. And the hat she wore for all her children’s christenings is both wonderfully sentimental and perfectly suited for the occasions.

  5. She does not have many misses! The broad brims look great but she also wears a beret or pillbox well. Exceptions to my eye would be the occasional tall hat that veers too far toward stovepipe or flowerpot…

  6. CP Mary wears such a range of styles well. I like the fact that she wears many hats with larger brims, and rich colours. And there is always a bit of experimentation over the years. I think this willingness to try new shapes has also shown that there is a broader range of hats that she can wear successfully. Some of the royals find one or two good shapes and we see only variations on a theme. Not so with Mary.

  7. What I like is that it seems she enjoys wearing hats and she looks great wearing many different styles and sizes. I think she looks best in a hat with a bit of scale to it with a definite movement to the brim. I hope she continues to wear hats for many years.

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