Austrian-Luxembourg Wedding 40 Years On

 Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg and Archduke Carl Christian of Austria were married 40 years ago on February 6, 1982. Marie-Astrid wore the Congo Diamond Necklace Tiara, a convertible necklace made by Van Cleef and Arpels and gifted to her mother, Princess Josephine of Belgium, when she married Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg in 1953 by the Belgian colony of Congo (this piece has a fascinating history explained over at The Court Jeweller). Not only was the streamlined tiara one with tangible family connections, it made a great counterpoint to Marie-Astrid’s ruffle trimmed dress.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

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One thought on “Austrian-Luxembourg Wedding 40 Years On

  1. Eighties ruffles haven’t really aged we’ll have they? Marie-Astrid and her sister both went for big frilly affairs for their 1982 weddings, and they look pretty massive to our eyes; it does rather swallow her up I’m afraid…

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