Milestone Birthday: Princess Astrid of Norway

Princess Astrid of Norway celebrates her 90th birthday tomorrow! We offer our best wishes and celebrate with a look over her lifetime of hats:

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5 thoughts on “Milestone Birthday: Princess Astrid of Norway

  1. It’s always enjoyable to see a retrospective of someone who has been in the hat-wearing world for so many decades! I was not very familiar with Princess Astrid before, but I truly enjoyed these photos. She has worn so many styles over the years and seemingly can carry off almost any style with grace. I particularly enjoyed the 2016 photo from the World Cup Nordic Ski Festival — even a snow outfit can by stylish.

  2. Splendid retrospective of an irresistible princess! I like the way she’s carried over the classic ‘50s calots and ‘60s pillboxes, but somehow makes them look fresh. My favorites are the turquoise and coral, but the black (or navy?) with the polka dots on the flipped-up brim is fun, too.

  3. I love Princess Astrid too. She always seems so much fun, she famously said about her antennae tiara (okay the aigrette!) that she can pick up Russian radio on it. She’s been a stalwart supporter to the Norwegian monarchy for 90 years and is clearly much loved by her family.

    The photos of the three princesses on their American tour are fabulous, love them in the teacups all hatted up. They also met Elvis on this trip, which always makes me chuckle.

    Hopefully there’ll be many more birthdays for this remarkable lady.

  4. I love Astrid; she is one of my favorite royal hatters, despite not having a ton of appearances. She always has great hats and looks to be a lot of fun in general. Wishing Her Highness a most happy 90th birthday!

    I’ve never seen that coral pink button percher hat before, but it looks wonderful on her and I would love to see it make a comeback. Her aqua calot is one of my all-time favorites for her, and she’s one of the few who I think can truly rock those little bumper pillboxes/bowlers.

  5. Happy birthday Princess Astrid!
    What a fun retrospective of some glamorous and functional hats and head pieces.
    I love her in the turquoise tiara. She just shines. And the picture of her in the yellow rain hat is pure fun.

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