This Week’s Extras

It’s been a very quiet week for royal hats. Thankfully, milliners continue to create beautiful desgins! Here are a few that caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

A sweet photo of Princess Leonore was released for her 8th birthday.


We wish Queen Elizabeth a speedy return to health.

Images from social media as indicated 

19 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. That’s a great recreation of the Catherine Howard headpiece — when I saw it, before reading the caption, I said “Anne Boleyn”, so I was wrong but close. Years ago during a trip to England, I visited Hatfield House, which at the time had an exhibit of the costumes used in the BBC TV productions of “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” and “Elizabeth R” — I don’t know if the exhibit is still there.

    Great hats in this week’s selection! I particularly like the green sombrero by Colibri and the Black Cherry “Dapper”.

  2. Great selection of hats this week, and SIX green ones! The floating feathers are awesome, and the green boater is super. Thanks, HQ!

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