Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 66


Princess Elizabeth in a hat with sharply upturned brim backed by bows for a July 3, 1946 visit to the Princess Margaret Rose Children’s Hospital at Fairmilehead, Edinburgh.

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6 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 66

  1. Lovely framing of her face with the hat brim.
    To me the image of children recovering in bed in a field is a bit hilarious, but it seems immersion in an outdoorsy milieu was regular practice, according to a history of the hospital:
    “Since the major causes of crippling amongst children in the 1930s and 1940s were tuberculosis and osteomyelitis the wards were, in accord with current practice, completely open at the south end. When necessary screens were put up to keep the snow off the beds, and patients were kept warm with many blankets and hot water bottles.” (hospital history from Lothian Health Services archive at the University of Edinburgh)

    Perhaps the plein air visit was also intended to keep the princess safe from infection.

    • My grandmother had such a hospital stay in her youth. Probably some time in the ‘teens of the last century. She talked about being in the breezes on the hilltop where she was. Must have helped as she lived to 89, despite being a heavy smoker later in life!

      I notice the trend of the upturned brims on the Princess’s hats. Was this the general style, or part of the effort to make her visible to the public? I seem to recall this is why HM avoided brimmed styles for much of her years.

    • My aunt had tuberculosis in the late 70s and was away from home for months and being outside was standard treatment. If the weather was such they couldn’t stay outside then patients would be on a screened balcony. She was eventually allowed to gave visitors but it was at a great distance, unlike the pictures shown here. Fortunately, she made a complete recovery but TB is on the rise again.

  2. Hat Queen, these photos you are providing are stunning! I’ve never seen most of them. This photo is charming, and I’m always impressed with how well put together everyone looked in the ’40s. These young girls look immaculate, even while in a hospital bed. It’s nice to see such cheer. I think this hat is just lovely. Wouldn’t it be lovely if Princess Beatrice borrowed this hat? I think it would be striking on her as well.

  3. What a delightful photograph. I love this hat on Princess Elizabeth. The bows behind the upturned brim are such an unusual touch without being too frivolous. The whole ensemble is perfect for a 20 year old Princess.

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