Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 65


In early 1947, Princess Elizabeth accompanied her parents and sister on a tour to Africa. During the visit, she wore this unique design with raised pinched brim trimmed the same dotted blue silk as her dress.

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13 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 65

  1. The princess wore the same ensemble on March 6th in Queenstown. Very interesting story with an OK photo here.

    Could the following hat be the same, but trimmed to match HM’s ensemble?

    February 26, 1947: Cape Town
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I wondered the same but the shape of the raised brim is different on these two hats. It’s a unique brim shape that was specific to this time… except for the updated version she wore in 2019 (see below!).

  2. Interesting that she had already in 1947 begun the practice of having a hat trimmed with fabric to match a specific outfit, which continues to this day. Something “ordinary” women could not afford to do, and perhaps did not have a need to do, since they wore hats less often, though some engaged in a DIY version by retrimming their hats themselves.

  3. Not so sure about this style of hat but I like the outfit. Am I right in thinking she wore a pinched brim not so long ago?

    Princess Beatrice looks so like her in this picture.

    • Maybe you’re thinking of this one which made its debut at Ascot in 2019?
      Embed from Getty Images

        • Lesleyc19, here’s a more recent example for you, not quite as severe. I guess it’s just me, but I don’t like them – my eye immediately gravitates toward the brim crimp, thinking something like “what a shame, HM bumped her hat as she climbed out of of her car.”

          July 18, 2020:
          Embed from Getty Images

          • Jimbo, I wonder if that’s how the brim crimp style originally was invented. (i.e. first happened accidentally.) I know that when I make a mistake in my weaving that I can’t correct after the fact, my first instinct is to somehow make it seem like I did it on purpose as a style feature!

          • Matthew, much like when I’m improvising at the keyboard, I was taught that after making a mistake, whether rhythmic, melodic, or harmonic, make the same mistake again. Then the unknowing listener will think nothing went awry. Ha Ha. (More than one way to skin a cat!)

          • I can’t tell you how many interesting techniques I’ve heard milliners describe as “inventing by accident!” Of course, not all accidents are worthy of repeat…!!

  4. Indeed, a very unique style for the Princess and perhaps not everybody’s favourite. The pale blue polka dotted silk is lovely, however, and perfect for the South African summer.

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