Maundy Thursday Service

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall stepped in for the Queen today at the Maundy Thursday service held at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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For this event, the Duchess wore a new hat in navy sinamay. The design’s angular crown is trimmed with navy lace, the brim raises in an elegant sidesweep and the hat is trimmed with a double white silk rope hatband knotted into a wired flying bow on the side.

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The hat’s shape and scale are familiar ones for Camilla, so it’s the details that set this design apart. The lace trim is a lovely touch, although I wonder if, to pair with this ensemble, omitting it would have calmed the overall look? Our conversations here often wish for Camilla to choose bolder colours and looks, I’m reticent to criticize this one, even though it feels a bit busy to me.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress and Coat by Bruce Oldfield. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Camilla’s new hat today?

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20 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday Service

  1. here’s another 2!! Think she looks wonderful in all of them, but would love to think at least 1 of these navy hats was reworked

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Great finds! But probably all different hats, not reworked.
      Not good from the point of view of sustainability, but very good for the millinery industry. 😄

      • At one point in her life, my daughter had 12 pairs of black jeans at the same time. When I questioned whether that was 9 or 10 too many, she pointed out that this one had larger buttons, that one had fancy embroidery on the pockets, this one had different stitching on the hems, that one had a higher (or lower) waist, this denim was heavier than that denim, etc. Most of us “regular” people would probably think that one or maybe two navy blue sideswept brimmed hats would be enough for one person, but for those whose public image relies at least partly on fashion, presumably there can never be enough, and as Wies said, it’s good for the millinery industry.

  2. Well done for finding all these amazing photos of the Duchess in navy and white. I’d like to hazard a guess that they are all the same hat.
    I’d like to see this coat and dress with a white hat and the lovely navy hat with a white or ivory ensemble.

  3. I like this go-to style on Camilla, but have a monkey wrench to throw into the proceedings: could this hat possibly be a remake of a previous navy hat we’ve seen at least twice before? If today’s hat is in fact new, the question is begged as to the need for THREE hats that are essentially the same, but trimmed differently.

    March 30, 1012: St. George’s, Windsor Thanksgiving Service
    Embed from Getty Images

    July 24, 2021: Ascot

    • What a very interesting observation. Impossible to say if it is the same hat or not. It certain looks as if it was made on the same crown en brim blocks. I’m always telling (prospective) clients that they could use the same hat with another trimming, so that it would be a longtime investment instead of a one-time folly, and maybe that is what happened here.
      On the other hand, we know the Duchess to possess several cream and off white hats that closely resemble each other, so maybe she has several navy almost identical ones as well?

    • Here are some photos to compare. Based on brim size and shape alone, I think they are different hats. As for colour… I think there’s the slightest of shade differences too, but that’s really hard to tell!
      Hello and Gala
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  4. All I can say is, what a missed opportunity for the Prince of Wales to wear a silk top hat. Prince Charles rarely wears his black morning coat and in this case he went very formal with black waist coat and slip and white shirt – truly as formal as morning wear can get. And with the numerous photos outside, his beautiful black silk topper would have “topped” off his look. Alas…

    • I quite agree. I was looking at the pictures, trying to catch a glimpse of a top hat somewhere but no… How strange to dress so formally but leave out the hat.

  5. This is bang in Camilla’s style, and it’s a great look for her; especially at a high profile event where she’s stepping in for HM. Navy and white is one of her go to’s, and she wears it well; the hat frames her hair and face so well.
    The lace doesn’t bother me as it’s so subtle; so hopefully this will be subbed in with other outfits. The colours look slightly off, but I assume that’s just because the light goes through the sinamay and distorts it.

  6. She knows this Treacy/Oldfield combination works for her and obviously feels comfortable wearing it and I’m in the camp of those who agree although, in this instance, I also agree with HQ that the lace trim makes the overall hat design unnecessarily fussy.

    The other problem I have with this look is the clash between the navy used for the hat (picked up in the shoes) and the blue used for the coat dress which I find jarring – it should have been a closer match, a contrasting colour or mainly white. The beige used in the shoes also jars: it would have been more elegant to have used either solid navy or navy and white.

  7. I agree with others that whilst I love this hat, and quite like the bold coat, I don’t feel they quite gel together. The solid block colours of the coat would do better with a more solid felt hat, plain for preference. The lacy, summery hat will look better with a lighter weight outfit.
    I’m sure we’ll see these again – I hope with different pairings of hat and coat!

  8. I have to differ and say I really love this hat on the Duchess. I love the colour, shape and lace detail. I feel that it just doesn’t pair well with this coat and dress which I’m not too sold on.

    While it’s an interesting change of coat shape and style for the Duchess, I think a more subtle look would have let this gorgeous hat stand out. Maybe a plain navy open fronted coat with a lace dress ? ?

    I suppose overall I just prefer more muted tones and pastels for an Easter event. But it’s lovely to see a new hat and a very chic handbag.

    I agree one of the best hats ever was the Duchess’s hat for the civil marriage ceremony to the Prince of Wales.

  9. I love this hat and the whole look with the outfit. I wonder if…being thrifty ..Camilla has another ensemble lined up for wear with this hat that has a matching lace trim on it hence the lace on this hat? It will be interesting to see. I have a feeling we may see this outfit again soon perhaps at Trooping the Colour in June, or Royal Ascot. Certainly has that feel about it.

  10. What a beautiful look for the Duchess: that coat is fantastic! Bold use of colours, beautiful tailoring.
    I think the shape of the hat is just right, the width of the brim balancing the shoulders of the coat. But maybe it would have looked better if it had been made out of blue felt, instead of transparent sinamay and lace? Simpler and less fussy, to let the coat be the star of the outfit.

  11. I’m really liking this stripe phase for Camilla and this jacket with the brighter navy/darker true blue is wonderful, but this hat feels a bit off with the ensemble as a whole. The white trim is too subdued IMO and I wish it was larger on the right side to help balance the angle of the brim; I also think the lace, while nice for something different, feels at odds with the rest of the streamlined outfit.

    It’s nice seeing Camilla in bolder colors, so I also feel hesitant about offering up criticism, but this hat just isn’t quite there for me; additionally, while I do understand going with a style you love and know is reliable on one’s head, I think this particular crown shape has been overdone for Camilla and she should try some others.

    • I agree. I think this style of hat has been done to death. The white trim looks an afterthought. I think the best hat she’s ever worn was the one for the civil ceremony when she married Prince Charles. It was fresh and feminine.

      These huge side-brimmed hats always make me think she’s joined Guy Fawkes. I like her (and Sophie Wessex) in Bruce Oldfield. This coat looks great it gives her a defined waist rather than the pleated drop-waisted outfits we’ve grown used to. The colour suits her and it’s not a colour we see her wear often.

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