Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 49

On May 19, 1969, Queen Elizabeth departed for a visit to Scotland in a  ruched bubblegum pink turban. She had worn the same hat and tweed coat two years earlier for a May 13, 1967 visit to Rugby you can see in this set of Getty Images.

Embed from Getty Images

Image from Getty as indicated  

7 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 49

  1. This hat is such a fun colour and I like it with the tweed coat. These 60’s styles can tend to make the Queen seem older than she is especially when you consider the styles worn by the Royal ladies in their 40’s nowadays.

  2. Strong lampshade vibes with this one. I know it was the fashion of the time, but some of her other 60s creations had a youthful air. This one is a bit old for her I think.
    And the useful hook for replaced with a bottom at some point.

  3. this is so 60s, my mother – please her heart – loved the turban style and for some reason stuck with it (…) I remember as a child when I touched the turban it would make a dry paper sound and it was quite fragile, I used to love playing dress up with it, seeing this photo makes me wonder what kind of sound the hat would make when touched

  4. October 28, 1966: Sussex
    January 10, 1968: Kings Cross with Edward
    Embed from Getty Images

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