Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 46

On August 2, 1972, Queen Elizabeth visited the Isle of Man in this wonderful toque of white silk flowers with green silk stem bunch at the top.

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Embed from Getty Images

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13 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 46

  1. HM wore this headpiece prior to Hat #46, to celebrate York’s 1900th anniversary.

    June 28, 1971: York
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  2. I remember those flowered hats were so popular with my Mother and her group. They need to come back but hats are not really worn now. Too bad.

    • Ver, today Mrs. Jimbo was the ONLY hat wearer in church for Easter of about 500 congregants! A royal purple straw hat with a beautiful tweed suit, and fur jacket! Mixing styles and seasons, but who cares? It was 38F when we walked out the door!

  3. Here’s a fantastic close-up of this hat. Happy Easter, all!
    Embed from Getty Images

    • What a wonderful sharp picture Jimbo! One can even see the base of the hat made of Paris net underneath the silk flowers. And every little lily-of-the-valley is hand tooled. Another Simone Mirman marvel!

      By the way, I wouldn’t call this type of hat a turban (turbans are draped) but a toque
      (brimless hat that sits well on the wearers head).

  4. This is a lovely hat, fresh and summery. I love the perfection of the tailoring of her outfit. The dart seam on the jacket running from the waistband upwards then gently curves at the top so that it meets under the seam joining the lapels to the collar is so beautifully done. No harsh straight lines to spoil the gentle curves of the collar, it’s absolutely masterly.

      • I just love that a designer has thought of such a detail and that there’s a miracle worker in the sewing room that has brought his idea to life. The trim on the sleeves is so beautifully done as well. To me it’s engineering with a pair of scissors, needle and thread.

  5. These are such lovely photos of Queen Elizabeth. I love this white flowered hat which pairs so well with the gorgeous primrose yellow coat with it’s pretty collar and sleeve details.

    A very Happy Easter to everybody.

    • And to you too!

      (I so enjoy reading your comments.☺️)

      This hat reminds me of a wonderful (though multi-coloured) flowery one my mother wore with a beautiful flowery chiffon coat over a silk dress. There is a picture of her disembarking from the train we took to attend my grandfather’s retirement. He was a train engineer (train driver).

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