Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 41


During the 1977 visit to New Zealand and Silver Jubilee tour, Queen Elizabeth wore this white diagonal pillbox with blue plaid strip and bow.

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7 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 41

  1. I forgot to mention, HM surely got her money’s worth – a suit (New Zealand,) AND a long coat with inner dress (London walk-about.)
    BTW, I can only imagine the sound of an entire class of youths “playing” bagpipes!

  2. Catherine D, you are not alone; I love the entire ensemble too, especially the outer coat with the lapel/trim’s plaid pattern against the flat pale blue coat. I found another interesting outing for this beautiful hat, worn by HM on May 23, 1977 in Scotland. For this occasion, it looks like she replaced her traditional earrings for ear PLUGS . . . . I wonder why. Happy weekend, all.

  3. Oh dear… I’m going to be different again. I love this hat and the entire look on Queen Elizabeth. But I suppose it’s mainly because of the colour which is so pretty. The partially side view is particularly nice and I like how the bow is on the side.

  4. the shape of hats transforms each periode, this is a take off from the 60’s where more turbans and thick big materials were a trend, you can see the shape and materials changing into more refined materials, more delicate details, more framing the face. One can make a fast forward film of these hats.
    I don’t like the hat it seems to be ill fitted too however it does have creative potentials
    I can imagine a hat designer having an assignment: make this more modern and adjust to the venue it’s intended.

  5. This one is a bit of a turn in a not so good direction. After some of the deft touches we’ve seen to soften increasingly tailored (often quite boxy) outfits, this hat is equally boxy and in a bit of a weird shape. I’m not a fan, in case you can’t tell. Alas this is the shape of more things to come over the next few years in HM’s millinery. This is the start of my least favourite of her style periods, which I find just a tad frumpy.

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