Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 40


On a June 28, 1978 visit to Guernsey, Channel Islands, the Queen wore an apricot damask print oversize pillbox with large draped bow on the back.

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7 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 40

  1. Brown shoes alert, seen in the 2nd photo! In this same photo, HM’s dress is barely showing, but I found a very good photo without the coat. Is it the same dress? Today’s hat could have been a replacement for a creamsicle halo hat, worn earlier with this coat.

    November 8, 1976: Luxembourg
    March 17, 1977: New Zealand
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  2. I don’t recall seeing this hat before. The damask is rather unusual but it does seem to work. I think I’d have preferred a lighter print with apricot, ivory and café au lait tones. The lighter coloured gloves look lovely against the apricot coat.
    It’s good to see Queen Elizabeth looking so happy.

  3. Deep in Helmet+ territory here; another I don’t recall seeing before. I really like the use of the damask, it gives it interest and softens the helmet shape, as does the back bow. Less keen on the very body coat, but it’s of it’s time I guess. She wore quite a lot of softer tailoring around this time, and it was much more flattering IMHO.

  4. I like this hat, more the style than the fabric, and probably because my grandmother had one like it. I don’t like apricots and peaches on QEII, it’s one colour that I feel doesn’t suit her, and most colours work very well on her.

    I like her lady-in-waiting’s outfit and matching hat in the second picture.

    This has been an interesting series to follow to fully appreciate the consistency and the quality of the beautiful tailoring and the hats made for each outfit especially when the hat is trimmed with matching fabric.

    I’m sure it must be easier to switch out feathers and flowers to change up a hat but are there instances of contrasting fabric being removed and hats being almost remade?

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