Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 28

For Trooping the Colour on June 11, 1988, Queen Elizabeth wore this saturated blue hat with sidesweeping brim, a foreshadow of millinery shape she’d often wear decades later.

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9 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 28

  1. It’s very interesting seeing these hats with fairly large brims in the secondhalf of the ’80s, they really don’t look dated in the way so many earlier hats do. Is that because this shape of hat comes around so regularly and often that it defies dating, or that it really is inherently more attractive?! Or simply that we have revisited / are still revisiting larger brims right now, so the shape still seems on message?

    • All great questions! What do you think?!

      I’ll throw a spanner in the works- not all brimmed hats from 1988 date as well as this trio of blue ones!!
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      • Oh I kinda love that one! I love that she leaned into 80’s styling for a brief period in the late 80s… I say bring it back!

  2. The Ascot and Isle of Man hat is also lovely with the coordinating dress. And the hat for the York wedding was fabulous.

    The pale teal/turquoise/aquamarine shades were lovely at that time.

  3. Look at that cute, cheeky little monkey in the 1st photo!
    The ensemble’s color is extraordinary! The hat’s shape and size are just perfect.
    Quiz question: Which came first with the coat, today’s Hat #28 or the following?

    June 1, 1988: Royal Ascot (two weeks earlier!)
    August 8, 1989: Isle of man
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    • I like both of these hats with this coat, but particularly like the skullcap effect on the one Jimbo shared, with the crown actually going down below the brim. And agree, this was (and still is) a wonderful color for HM. Over the years, I think it’s become clear that there is literally no color that looks bad on her!

  4. An excellent hat, outfit and colour. Again, leaning more into the fashion of the time and it works. Wide brims just suit her better – and she had quite a few assymetrical about this time, the most well known of course being that from the York’s wedding which is always one of her absolute best hats, as well as the zigzag patterned one worn in Spain.

    • Indeed- these are two beauties

      Embed from Getty Images

      Embed from Getty Images

  5. This is a simply gorgeous hat and look for Queen Elizabeth. It’s a beautiful colour for her and a perfect statement of gentle elegance for such an occasion. I love it.

    I found a little bit of footage of the balcony scene from 1988 but couldn’t get a really good look of the back of the hat. Some super hats that year from the Royal ladies.

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