Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 29


On June 18, 1987, Queen Elizabeth attended Royal Ascot in a navy and white straw hat with upfolded brim (a style very much of the time!) whimsically trimmed with a bunch of cherries.

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16 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 29

  1. I think Marimekko did a gift wrapping paper in the pattern of that cherry dress. The wrapping paper was much more attractive. The hat looks like a Duchess of York special.

  2. HQ, thanks for giving us a huge smile today! The wearing of this hat could have been a great occasion for one of Philip’s wonderful gaffes as they stepped out!
    Three things come to mind today:
    1. Today’s hat always reminds me of a very similar navy blue hat worn by Hyacinth Bucket. While in the car, she says to Richard “Drive very slowly past #23. I want [Sonja Barker-Finch] to see my hat.”
    2. Where were the cherries on April 29’s Hat #34, with the small cherry pattern on the dress and hat? They could have been strategically placed under the crown lattice work, thus making a cherry pie!
    3. In a more serious vein: I don’t remember the side view photo with the straw being two-toned. Would the outer white with the under-sided navy be a bit “heavy on the head that wears the crown?”

  3. I’ve been waiting for this one to come up! Hats with fruit on them anyone? (I can only think of a couple more…)
    I’m not sure it’s flattering on her, but it was on trend and she tried. And it’s a lot of fun, so it gets a big YES!

    • Yes from me too!
      Disappointed that I cant find a pic of HM with a young Prince Charles, where she was wearing a hat with some sort of fruit on, which I only saw yesterday! Could only find this pic from 1949 with a jolly grape-trimmed hat (perhaps is the same one??)

      Embed from Getty Images

    • JamesB, how’s this one?

      October 27, 1985
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Yes to all the Carmen Miranda hats! The only other one I can think of was worn to James Ogilvy’s wedding. I’d embed it but Getty seem to have changed the system to do so – can anyone enlighten me?!

        • July 30, 1988
          Embed from Getty Images

          • Better or Worse?

            June 3, 1987: Epsom
            Embed from Getty Images

          • That’s the one! I actually liked the suit, but with its original white hat, it was quite funky and of it’s time, I thought HM rather rocked it!

      • Not the hat but this dress looked so familiar, though I’m sure I’ve never seen this photo before. Finally realized it was reminding me of this one of Lady Diana at a polo match prior to her marriage to Prince Charles. That must have been a popular fabric. (There are other photos showing Diana’s fabric to be a much brighter shade of pink, but none I could find that were embeddable.)
        Embed from Getty Images

  4. I’m afraid I don’t like this style of hat for Queen Elizabeth at all. The upfolded brim is too young a style for her and I think the cherries are misplaced.

    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother looks gorgeous in her soft lemony gold hat and dress.

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