Belgian State Visit To Greece

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde embarked on a three-day state visit to Greece this week. For their arrival in Athens on Monday, Queen Mathilde wore a freeform hat in coral pleated parabuntal straw.

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The colour is glorious – I love how it’s slightly lighter than the main hue of the dress – and the organic, face-framing shape suits Mathilde well. The pleated parabuntal fibres of the hat reference the pleated dress…. maybe a tinge too much? Or maybe it’s just right. I’m not sure. It’s certainly a coordinated and cohesive look that made Mathilde stand out in a crowd.

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Designer: Bespoke “Santorini” design by Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

For Tuesday’s program of events at a refugee support center, Poseidon’s temple and the archeological site of Thorikos, Queen Mathilde repeated a wide brimmed picture hat in biscuit balibuntal (a finely woven straw) with raw edge around the brim. The hat is simply trimmed with straw fibres wrapped around the base of the crown that splay open over the back of the brim

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The hat pairs beautifully with the blue Ikat patterned coat dress. I’m not always a fan of raw-edge brims but this one works, especially in combination with the organic-feel of the Ikat print. My only quibble is that straw wrap around the crown. I’d prefer a cleaner, crisper trim- maybe a simple Petersham ribbon hatband?

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Bespoke “Dune” design by Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan
Previously Worn: Sep 17, 2013

For the final day of the visit, Queen Mathilde wore a draped calot design in vibrant fuchsia silk abaca.

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The hat is such a great pairing with the gorgeous embroidered coat, the colours linking together and the hat’s small scale providing just the right of punchy contrast to the ensemble without creating visual competition. We’ve seen Mathilde in numerous similar draped silk abaca designs (one of Fabienne Delvigne’s signatures) and this one is a good addition.

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Designer: Bespoke “Agapanthe” design by Fabienne Delvigne. Coat by Costarellos and blouse by Natan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I give the hats on this state visit a sound thumbs up- what are your thoughts about these designs?


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8 thoughts on “Belgian State Visit To Greece

  1. I do think that Delvigne’s pleated hats have a great (and unusual) sense of dynamism, and I like this example. If there’s any occasion for a statement outfit, the arrival for a state visit is surely it, so I think it’s a good vibrant look for this occasion.

    Mentally I feel that the large straw with the raw edge is all wrong. Why have a formal look and then have such an informal finish? AFter all, there was the option not to wear a hat if it was felt OTT for the day’s events. However, having said that about these raw-edged hats in general, I do think that this hat looked like a really good pair for the place (a touch of sun hat for the bright sunny weather), and the outfit, so I will just look at the further-away pictures and ignore the raw edges!

    I like the third hat too, so overall definitely thumbs up for the visit.

  2. For me QM tips over into too much sometimes, the parts are lovely, but need an edit before the sum a’la Coco Chanel.
    I do think it’s a few pleats too many for the arrival outfit and yet another of those Nathan belts we all so love.
    The Ikat dress and rough straw hat is actually lovely.
    And the trouser and coat; all very nice but I think the two pieces are too much together, a small hat was a sensible choice.

  3. Yes, definitely a pretty fantastic state visit hat-wise!

    The organic detailing of this disc hat isn’t my favorite, but overall Mathilde looked fantastic in outfit of red and pink.

    I wasn’t aware the second hat was a repeat, but I adore this whole look and hope she doesn’t wait another 9 years to wear this one again. I can understand the distressed look isn’t for everyone, but I think it worked very well for this outing, and it was a nice reminder of some other great distressed edge hats we’ve seen from Maison Delvigne.

    The last hat was unfortunately my least favorite of these three. The overall ensemble was super chic, fun, and reminded me of Sheikha Moza in the best way, but because of that association, I would’ve loved to see a full turban rather than this draped calot; plus, how fab would it have been to see Mathilde work a turban (a style I’m not certain she’s ever worn?).

    Despite my issues with some finer details, overall this was a triumphant trio of looks. Brava!

  4. The third day— did you notice than one of the legs on the slacks has the same embroidery as the coat?
    Really like the outfit and the hat is perfectly suited to it.

    The first day—the colors are wonderful I just don’t like the wide belts on some of these Nathan dresses.

  5. All 3 are very appropriate for their occasions. The coral hat has a fantastic eye-popping color, and the pleats are perfect with the dress. I wasn’t hanging around Royal Hats when the 2nd, large tan hat was worn in 2013, so upon reading its previous post’s comments, I found some very funny. The 3rd hat was very interesting with the rest of the outfit, again with a great color. I’ve often noticed that the Belgian king and queen are beautifully coordinated in their appearance – not matchy but well blended. I had a tie made from the same material as Mrs. Jimbo’s hat band trim some 30 years ago, and both are still in circulation today.

  6. Cocktail hour enlivened by these lovely hats on Queen Mathilde.

    The coral pleated hat is such fun and chic at the same time.

    I love the wide biscuit coloured straw hat which teams so well with the blues of the ikat patterned dress.

    I’m not so keen on the fuchsia pink calot but it is a very unusual ensemble.

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