Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 26

In the early 1990s, Queen Elizabeth wore several hats with high contrast stripes. I think the most successful was the magenta bumper with purple stripes but others in the galleries below are worth a look!

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6 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 26

  1. what I love about this serie is the evolution of style, the changes of details, the size, the color, the placement, the hand of the miliner
    how some hats can stand the test of time whereas others fizzled out
    no matter the fashion (80s) there is always a hat to match
    thank you HQ

  2. The purple with the white stripes has a place in my heart, if only for its memorable appearance behind a very tall podium. (And HM’s wonderful ‘reply’ the next day!)

    Is this a boater? I want to call it that but the brim has more curve and there seems to be the slightest of domes on the crown.

  3. Definitely a lot of stripes here. The styles and colour palettes here are not amongst my favourites for Queen Elizabeth. The bright purple boater with the white stripes and matching blazer is fun.

  4. Whole lotta stripes here. That one with the blue and red stripes is new to me, and peak Hyacinth.
    But I love the pale blue shoulderpadded jacket with the small halo hat; I’m definitely seeing Alexis checking into La Mirage in that!
    You really can see the beginnings of the adjustment into her current style in some of these looks, some of them are much more cohesive and flattering than the others, with better tailoring and wider brims sneaking through.

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