Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 25


On October 20, 1992, Queen Elizabeth wore this bold and unique layered bumper hat on a state visit to Germany. The ensemble and hat are credited to designer Ian Thomas.

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8 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 25

  1. I don’t like this ensemble – I LOVE it! The forehead crossing hats are perfect for her hairdo; removing her hat doesn’t mess up her coif as badly.

    May 19, 1994: HMS Cottesmore

    Not Royal, but certainly worth noting:

    August 2, 2021: Macduff, Scotland: Imelda Staunton during the filming of “The Crown.”
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  2. While I’m not often that keen on these brimless helmet styles, there’s a deftness of touch abojt this one I like. The colours and patterns are bold, but they hang together well, and the look is quite a chic one I find. The bold check and the use solely of two colours is what does it I think.

  3. I really like this hat and the whole look. I agree that the cut across the forehead style is not the Queen’s most flattering, but the slight angle mitigates that and I love the strong colours.
    I find the mixture of patterns rather good, because the two colours are not very contrasting.

  4. I like this hat, particularly in that intriguing side view in the second gallery, but I agree with Catherine D, it would have looked better with a solid color jacket or coat picking up either the blue or the green. As it is, there are too many conflicting patterns.

  5. I like this hat for it’s uniqueness but I don’t like the look that it’s paired with. Too much going on. I think a plain blue coat over the pretty Paisley patterned blouse would be more elegant.

  6. This hat is beautifully constructed and dramatic. The different textures of the hat and the outfit components are good contrasts.

    While I an still not a fan of the forehead crossing styles, I think some of my aversion comes from this stage of HM’s hair colour. She is going grey here and the muted tones of her hair do not really set off her face or hats. But I admire the realism as opposed to an unnaturally dark hair colour.

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