Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 23


For the June 6, 1994 50th Anniversary of D-Day at Normandy in France, Queen Elizabeth wore this coral picture hat with unique two-tone brim. She repeated it on July 14 that same year for Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones’ wedding.

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11 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 23

  1. I thought this hat was very attractive and the wider brim very flattering. Was also nice that we got to see the dress without coat at Sarah’s wedding, an opportunity that we don’t always have. The hat looked equally good with the dress/coat ensemble and the dress alone.

  2. This is a beautiful hat and a wonderful look for HM. I love the scale and the color-blocked brim is enough to add visual interest but not crazy.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. This is such a lovely hat on Queen Elizabeth and the whole look is beautiful. And an unusual brooch. I have a feeling this hat may be in my top 5 of the series.

    • I agree. Beautiful colours, and a very attractive hat shape. I admire the shoulder detail on the coat too.

      Such an unusual brooch. I do not recall ever having seen it before. Perhaps a gift at the time?

      • Embed from Getty Images

        The Coral Rose Brooch:
        The Order of Liberation gave this piece to the Queen in 1990, to mark the 50th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s famous Appeal of 18 June, delivered on June 18, 1940 (also the day Winston Churchill gave his “Finest Hour” speech).

        The Queen rarely wears the Coral Rose Brooch, but when she does, it’s often for a French event. Memorably, she chose it during a 2004 trip to Paris, which marked the centenary of the Entente Cordiale, a series of agreements that improved foreign relations between France and the U.K.

  4. This is so lovely, an absolute winner. The colour combo is fab, and the angle of the brim is so flattering. Again, this is a precursor to the styles she would start wearing in a few years and which are so consistent now.

  5. Really like this hat on HM, the color is very flattering and the 2-tone brim elevates it. Lovely tailoring details on the coat.

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