Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 20


On a 1997 visit to India and 1998 visit to Malaysia, Queen Elizabeth wore this blue hat with sinamay mushroom brim and silk covered crown trimmed with blue sinamay and ivory silk twists.

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8 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 20

  1. Everything about this ensemble is fantastic! HM wore it FIVE years later to watch a polo match.

    July 27, 2003: Cartier International Polo Day; Windsor
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I don’t really care for the hat that much, but I love the dress, with and without the jacket. Interesting that a dress with such full sleeves comes with a jacket with such slender ones, and the 3 strands of pearls that are not right next to each other are perfect for the neck with the jacket, while the other looks better with the round neck of the dress. I agree with lesleyc that though we are here to focus on the hats, we are also seeing an overview of decades of beautiful dress design and tailoring.

      • Yes, amazing to think that the full sleeves fit under the more fitted sleeves of the jacket. I know they check the fabrics for creasing before using but I wonder if the sleeves might have been altered to just short sleeves to wear with the jacket?

        This hat and outfit with and without the jacket are probably now in my top five since this series started.

        • I tried to do a Google image search on the dress to see if it ever appeared later in a short-sleeve version, but HM has had so many blue flowered dresses over the years that I was not successful, but Lesley, you may be onto something. At the very least, if not made short-sleeved, at least had the long sleeves narrowed. I agree that I do particularly like this fabric pattern and color combo, and the styling in both the jacket and dress versions.

  2. I think I this hat, which I also remember well from the time, is one that did usher in the shape for her we see so all the time now, this could easily crop up today and wouldn’t look out of place. It’s a cohesive look with a bit of something extra thrown in.

  3. I remember this hat very well on Queen Elizabeth. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the shape and the trim. I especially love the three way colour scheme which is just that little bit different.

  4. I really like this hat. I prefer to see her in a brim and the mushroom brim is pretty much my favourite on anyone. I like seeing the crown in picture 2 as well.

    Once again this series has also been a masterclass on sewing and especially tailoring. The sleeves of her dress are set in so beautifully.

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