Dutch Queen Opens Museum and Family Support Center

On Tuesday, Queen Máxima attended the opening of the ARTIS Groote Museum, a museum about the connection between humans and all life on earth. For this event, she repeated her circular open-crowned headpiece in draped caramel brown abaca.

Embed from Getty Images

While open crowns are not always met here with admiration (!!), this one pairs so beautifully with this dress. It’s not just the shared hues that work (although they do!), it’s the shared softness between the flowing dress and draped headpiece that make the two pieces fit so well together. I’m a fan.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Edouard Vermeulen/ NATAN 
Previously Worn: July 7, 2015; April 26, 2014

Yesterday, Queen Máxima visited “Het Jeroen Pit Huis”, a center for families with children with disabilities. She wore a new headpiece of pale pink silk roses studded with blush net veil.

Embed from Getty Images

It’s great to see the Dutch queen wearing venturing beyond Fabienne Delvigne’s studio (I wish she did so more often!). The gentle colour, face-framing shape and nod to nature in this design create a very pretty piece that pairs beautifully with Máxima’s curled hairstyle and slightly darker muted pink dress. It’s lovely.

Designer: Berry Rutjes. Dress by Edouard Vermeulen/ NATAN 
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

While Queen Máxima is probably best known for her bolder looks, I really like these softer ones. What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Museum and Family Support Center

  1. While I think Maxima is at her best in bolder colors, I have to agree that these softer looks are a great change of pace. I agree with Bristol and Catherine that is doesn’t seem quite right for a working visit. It would be lovely for a wedding or christening.

  2. I like both these open crown hats for Queen Maxima particularly the first caramel coloured one which seems understated and elegant. I like the all one colour look.

    The blush , floral headpiece is very pretty with it’s different tones and textures and with those gorgeous earrings. I do wonder, however, if it would be more fitting at a different occasion?

    It’s just lovely to see Royal hats out and about this week.

  3. Both are lovely shapes and really suit her well, and her hair looks fab. My only issue with the first one is it all merged into her hair a bit, she loves this blush colour but it becomes all a bit one shade.

  4. I do like the effect of the open crowned headpiece, seen here from the front (I just think, what’s the point of the hole?!

    I like the flowery headpiece too. I’m a bit puzzled by it in this context, though. It seems very frothy / whimsical for a formal engagement, and more suitable for something like a garden party or a wedding. I wonder if perhaps Maxima wore it because the engagement cncerned children? (Or perhaps I’m overthinking this…)

    I agree, though, both colours are a bit muted to complement Maxima’s colouring – and indeed her vibrant personality.

  5. This is definitely the best look for this circlet hat and overall it is a great ensemble. This hat also worked well to easily remove as she did to attend another event later that day. However, this is some hardcore monochrome action with hat, hair, earrings, skin tone, dress, and shoes! As lovely as Máxima looked, I have to deduct points for this lack of color.

    I thought she had worn this floral bandeau before, but it was an orchid piece at the Greek double birthday about 5 years ago. I love this headpiece and it’s fantastic with her hair down! This pale dusky pink doesn’t offer great color contrast to her complexion (yes, my bias is bold color schemes), but it is more than the beige ensemble. I hope we get to see this bandeau again, although with a different outfit because it definitely deserves more wears!

    • I don’t like this headpiece on Maxima but could see Beatrice wearing it very successfully and liking it – maybe even CP Mary.

      I also don’t like this blush colour on Maxima, it doesn’t suit her colouring and that’s a lot of one colour.

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