Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 18

Queen Elizabeth wore a unique pink and purple hourglass cloche shaped hat by Frederick Fox (made by Stella Mclaren) on visits to Norway in 2001 and Jamaica in 2002.

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12 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 18

  1. June 12, 2001: Windsor Home Park: I think I’m partial to the Zanele Mbeke’s hat.
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  2. I love the shape of the brim and I like the hat when seen in profile. I don’t like the crown when it’s facing forward – it seems too wide at the top. I do love the colours and the little band of white piping is a pretty detail. I love the shape and colour of the coat, particularly the neckline and collar, not so sure about the pleating on the dress.

  3. Two more outings to admire, both in the same month. Nothing new, just different occasions. Also included is a full-length shot of HM’s dress in Jamaica.

    July 2, 2002: Think Tank
    July 27, 2002: Ascot Racecourse
    February 20, 2002: Jamaica
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    • Thanks for these extra photos, Jimbo. I still don’t like the hat much with the coat, but I do like it much better with the dress now that I see the full view.

  4. Like others, I love the color combination and coordination with both dress and coat, but I’m not very enamoured with the shape. I do have a question, though. The photo where Prince Philip is bending down to kiss Queen Sonja is the only one where we get a good view of the top of the crown — does anyone know what those triangular shapes on top are? Are they cutouts, shapes of contrasting color, or possibly just an optical illusion? They don’t seem to be in a useful location to be hatpins.

    • Matthew, I always put the vertical seam of my lampshades toward the wall, don’t you? Maybe those triangles are actually arrows pointing the front/back of this hat in the correct direction. (Only joking!) Speaking of which, my grandparents really did have lampshades not dissimilar from Hat #18. For that reason only does this hat get an unenergetic OK from me today. (Was HM the life of the party in Jamaica?)
      What is also interesting about the top of the crown is the fact that it is lavender, not pink. Note the 1st photo in the 2nd set.

      • Jimbo, looking back at the photos to see the lavender crown, I suddenly realized why I only like the hat with the dress and not with the coat. We often “excuse” odd colors in the trim of one of HM’s hats by speculating that those colors must go with the dress underneath, which we can’t see at the moment, but in this case, the pink is not just in the trim, it’s half the hat. I think I might have liked the coat ensemble better if the pink section had been some other strongly contrasting color, or even a very bright or darker pink — having just another pale pastel with a lavender coat seems off to me.

    • Matthew, I asked myself the same question. At closer look, what appears to be triangular shapes are glimpses of the inner side of the outer crown. This gives a clue about how this technically complicated hat was made: it has a round, lavender crown, that sits snugly on the head and a lavender lampshade brim. On top of that and around the crown, sits a wide pink hour glass shaped band, like a second crown but without a tip. In the first picture of the second gallery you can see the top of the lavender crown peeping out of the pink band.
      The hat must have been a bit large, for there are hat pins visible all around the crown to keep it in place.

  5. Another fabulous hat; her wardrobe really did go through a wonderful renaissance around the turn of the millennium. This one is flattering and the colour combo is beautiful. It frames her face so well, and I love how the embellishment is kept to an absolute minimum.

  6. Absolutely love this hat for Queen Elizabeth. Colour combination is gorgeous and the unique shape just adds to it’s appeal. It teams beautifully with the pretty lavender coat and the floral dress.

    Love the way Prince Philip is ducking under Queen Sonja’s lovely hat to kiss her.

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