Royal Windsor Horse Show 2022

The four-day Royal Windsor Horse Show took place over the weekend. Lady Louise Windsor drove the carriage formerly belonging to her late grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, in Friday night’s  “A Gallop Through History” Platinum Jubilee celebration” and took part yesterday in the ‘Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of The British Driving Society,’ wearing in her loden green felt driving hat for both events. This lovely take on a top hat features an upturned brim on one side balanced by an exuberant spray of swirled striped pheasant and chocolate-burgundy biot feathers on the other side, finished with wide green silk hatband overlaid on the bottom with slim, scrolled green braid.

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I adore how the quirky brim shape and exuberant feathers giving an appropriately youthful lift to the design. It’s a great hat for Louise.
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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: July 4, 2021; May 9, 2019; May 13, 2018

On Saturday, Louise wore her mum’s navy felt fedora with stitched black leather hatband and feather spray held in a polished and hand-engineered cartridge.

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It’s an effortlessly stylish hat that Louise again carries so well, making it a perfect choice for a casual outing such as this. May this be the first of many hats Louise wears from her mum’s wardrobe!

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Designer: Hayfield England
Previously Worn by the Countess of Wessex: July 3, 2021

The Countess of Wessex joined her daughter yesterday, taking part in carriage driving in her navy blue velvet hat with straight-sided crown and downward sloped brim.

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The scale seems to overwhelm Sophie a little, although the colour and luxe texture of the velvet is wonderful.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown. Laurie & Jules velvet coat. 
Previously Worn: July 4, 2021

Queen Elizabeth attended several events (one in a silk headscarf), her enjoyment clearly conveyed through a wide smile.

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It’s it wonderful to see these events back?!

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5 thoughts on “Royal Windsor Horse Show 2022

  1. I just love this coachman hat for Lady Louise; it is perfect for her and that feather detailing is simply amazing! While I realize it best pairs with riding activities like this, I think this hat would be great for Christmas Day church service paired with a different outfit.

    Louise donning this cobalt blue fedora was another great choice for her; casual chic at it’s finest and something I wish we would see more often in general (not just on her). Sophie’s oversized cloche (and outfit) works well for the event, but in general feels very dated (not surprising since it is from 1998) and the materials feel quite heavy for spring (although clearly it wasn’t as warm in England as it is where I am haha).

    Finally, it was beyond fantastic to see HM out again and clearly having a blast! The headscarf worked well, but her best accessory was her exuberant smile!

  2. I love these hats from the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Such a happy event for The Queen after a difficult year.

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