Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 17


On May 1, 2002 began her Golden Jubilee tour in southwest England at the National Maritime Museum in this Philip Somerville designed fuchsia felt take on a top hat with distinctive brim.

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14 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 17

  1. I know most people have moved on, but I found the most amusing photo from October 28, 2004, and I hope someone will enjoy it also. The quote from Getty: ” The Queen And Prince Philip Listen To A Presentation On Energy Production During A Tour Of The New Baglan Power Station In Port Talbot.”
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    • The “Caption This” for this one might be “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service, EXCEPT for listening to long boring speeches on energy production!”

      • Oh, Matthew! VERY GOOD! If only Hat Queen would open up Pandora’s box on some quiet day AFTER the 70th Platinum Jubilee, and have a “Caption This” post . . . I have some real hum-dingers saved. She could have a contest for the best entry with its ensuing comment, and the prize could be an all-expense paid trip somewhere. Ha Ha!

        • If an all-expense paid trip somewhere is on offer, I promise to manipulate the contest to win myself!!

          How about we do a weekly royal millinery themed “Caption This” over the summer?!

          • Great idea! I hope they have internet in Florida, ‘cuz that’s where I’ll be for 6 weeks, all expenses paid (by MOI!)

          • I am totally in favor of this idea — sounds like a lot of fun!

            Jimbo, you’re coming to Florida for 6 weeks in the _summer_?!? No offense, but how odd! All the snowbirds I know are leaving as quickly as they can get reservations!

  2. I agree with everyone about the height of the crown, but it’s a very interesting hat, and that coat is beautifully made. Love that photo in the second gallery looking down at her shoe. That’s the look I might have if I realized I had stepped in some gum, or… something from a dog — I wonder what was going on there.

  3. The color is fantastic for her, and I like the twist around the face. But it would have worked better with a shorter, softer crown – an elaborated pillbox or even a cloche shape.

  4. The colour is lovely but I just don’t like the shape of this hat at all for Queen Elizabeth. I don’t think it’s very flattering.
    The Grima Ruby brooch is beautiful.

  5. This one has a lot of wear, and was probably one of the last brimless hats she wore. I like it, the quirkiness of the trim gives it an edge, and she was clearly a fab too!

  6. My first impression is: how did they get this shape? this can’t be have been easy to make, surely?
    it takes away the attention

  7. The fuchsia color is awesome, but I don’t care for the severity of the brim. Clearly HM thought otherwise, since no fewer than FIVE other appearances of this hat and coat were discovered, as early as 2000 and as recently as 2009. Could this be close to a record for years in service?

    December 24, 2000: Sandringham; Christmas Eve
    March 25, 2009: London; Fulton Umbrellas
    Embed from Getty Images

  8. I could get on board with this if the crown weren’t quite so high. The colour is beautifully rich.

    Once again the tailoring is superb, the sleeves are beautifully set in and the toggled fastening is perfect.

    She’s also wearing my favourite brooch (Grima Ruby) which is a huge bonus.

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