Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 6


For the Diamond Jubilee ten years ago, Queen Elizabeth debuted a number of new hats. One was this purple design with hourglass crown covered in painstakingly perfect pin tucked silk crepe. Her Majesty wore it numerous times (nine I think) between 2012 and 2019. It was a collaborative creation by Angela Kelly, Stella Mclaren and Ian Bennett.

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6 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 6

  1. Actually I do like it, I think the somewhat exaggerated shape works because it is otherwise really pretty plain, and it’s beautifully made. Seeing the more recent hats has made me think about the Queen’s millinery style more. It seems to me that generally over the years, even if all designed specifically for her, the Queen has worn hat shapes that were mainly in vogue at any particular time of her reign. However, over the last ten or fifteen years, she (or Angela Kelly) has struck out into more unfamiliar territory, wearing hats that really are unique in concept, as well as being bespoke in execution. She has many hats that, like this one, perhaps take their inspiration from fashionable styles of the time, but really go beyond it into uncharted territory. Earlier in her reign her hats were more likely to have been of a kind worn by any hat-wearing lady, whereas now there are far more that one sees and instantly thinks “only the Queen”.

  2. I’m not a fan of the shape either, but the color and workmanship are stellar.
    Here’s a very interesting article about the 60th Jubilee from Angela Kelly’s book “Dressing the Queen.” Great photos, in particular the 6th photo (scroll down a bit) shows a wonderful line-up of hats on the shelf. Photo 9 shows today’s coat in the making.

  3. Yes me too. This hat is a beautiful colour and fabric with immaculate construction but I just don’t like the shape. It does seem softer in profile.
    The Amethyst Bouquet Brooch is especially stunning with the pretty coat for Her Majesty.

  4. Wonderful construction,details and colour but sorry I do not like the shape at all. Trying to give the Queen height but l would like to see a less sharp design. Reminds me of the mad hatter. Same thoughts the first time I saw it…..but I see the exceptional side as well.

    • I feel the same. It’s so beautifully constructed I feel I should like it – but I don’t really. Just too much like a top hat.

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