This Week’s Extras

On May 15, Princess Akiko of Mikasa attended the scaled down Aoi Matsuri at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto in a simple white brimmed hat with ecru ruched hatband.

Last weekend, Crown Princess Kiko wore a black silk hat with mushroom brim for a memorial event. Princess Nobuko wore a bumper hat covered in beige lace with silk pleated trim for an event at Fujita Health University.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

Princess Yuriko celebrated her 99th birthday over the weekend!

And there’s always time for one more view of this absolute gem.

Images from social media as indicated 


20 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. As the Jubilee weekend draws to a close, I have to add my immense thanks to HatQueen for the stupendous coverage every day, plus today’s This Week’s Extras, which I was not expecting after what must have been an exhausting effort on your part. My appreciation of what I was seeing on television was very much enhanced by the photos and narrative I was reading here in the blog.

    Some of you might be interested in a recent interview with Shutterstock agency’s royal photographer, Tim Rooke on “What’s it like to photograph the Queen?” on the CNN website:

  2. Hat Queen, you are truly amazing! After all the Jubilee posts, and you still did an “This Week’s Extras” post – get some rest, since Ascot is right around the corner!
    1. The Ian Bennett blog was great, BROWN rose and all! His collage of 16 HM hats was beautiful also.
    2. Princess Yuriko looks fantastic for 99 years young.
    3. Thanks for the repeat of the delightful tea party video. HM never ceases to surprise us.
    4. In the “caught my eye” department, all were wonderful pieces, and the “hat for a horse” made me laugh.

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