Platinum Jubilee Finale

The fourth day of official celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee concluded with a pageant parade and balcony appearance by the Queen.

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She wore a new hat covered in the same vibrant green fabric as her coat with slightly flared, domed crown and short brim. The hat is trimmed with a black stripe around the brim, a green hatband wrapped around the base of the crown, a Celtic knot and a black pompom pin.

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The colour and layered hatband stand out on this design for me.

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Designer: Looks to me like Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Anne’s granddaughters Savannah and Isla Phillips and Mia and Lena Tindall all sported headbands for today’s Platinum Pageant.

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And we end this weekend with the most beautiful message from Her Majesty

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20 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Finale

  1. We saw the Queen driving back to Windsor after the end of the pageant and the balcony appearance. Or at least not her, as she was behind tinted glass, but her cavalcade of outriders and two Range Rovers going at high speed on the opposite side of the motorway as we were just past Windsor!

  2. I know I usually say I don’t like the hat covered with the same fabric as the coat but here it works very well, I think because of its lightness. The other interesting aspect of the design (and colour) is how healthy it makes HMQ look compared with the Trooping of the Colour model.

  3. I think that very small, black detail is indeed a very significant reminder of the loved one who cannot be present beside HM, for the first time, on that balcony, after a lifetime together, in such a historic occasion.

  4. It was such a great four days. Speaking to my mother today she asked why QEII was wearing the pompom – she thought it was a hat pin or maybe it was to be used as target practice! She’s an ardent royalist so I hope she was joking.

    I loved the green on her and she looked quite overwhelmed when she came out on the balcony.

    HQ – Thanks so much for all your hard work here and the speed that posts appeared – I don’t know how you work your magic so quickly.

  5. I thought at first “what an odd placement for a microphone”, before I realised that this was the hat’s pin!

  6. What an amazing weekend! Only our British friends can party with the best of them. (Sometimes I’m tempted to say “please take us back.”)
    Her Majesty looks spectacular in this vibrant green ensemble; I won’t bother to comment on the hatpin, or the barely noticeable black ring on the brim, because it was so wonderful seeing HM twice in four days, with two new hats!
    When I hear the introductory brass fanfare played before the anthem, I become totally Brrrrritish, and sing along. The lyrics are so much better than our “My country ’tis of thee.”
    Now, back to the hats.
    1. Today’s wondrously green hat looks amazingly similar to this recent hat. Same hat block?
    Embed from Getty Images
    2. Is it a tradition to NOT wear a hat when showcasing someone else on a milestone occasion?
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  7. The other mystery about the hat pin is that it doesn’t look functional — it just seems to go through the Celtic knot. Other than this incongruous touch, it’s a fine hat in a great color, just right for this momentous occasion. A hat hardly seems necessary when HM was just stepping out onto the balcony for a few minutes, but she probably wouldn’t have felt right without it.

    Did anyone else notice that George is nearly as tall as HM?

  8. A lovely outfit for the final appearance of the celebration – perfect color to stand out on the balcony. I’m also puzzled by the black hat pin and would have preferred it to match the coat buttons if it was not green to match the hat – i.e. both gold or both black. Nevertheless, seeing HM so moved as the national anthem was sung more than overshadowed minor quibbles about the color of buttons or hat pins.

  9. An absolutely brilliant hat to end this Platinum Jubilee weekend with! Of course you know I love the kelly green color and the details are simple, but exquisite. I wasn’t sold on the large black orb hat pin at first, but I’m fully onboard with it, especially after seeing the ring of black on the top of the brim. Maybe I was the only one, but I was most pleasantly surprised to see HM make this balcony appearance after having to cancel for Friday and Saturday. I do wonder if this hat was made for this event, or one of the earlier ones. And while it does feel a bit odd to see only HM hatted here, it does allow her to shine that much more in this moment.

    I love this video of the appearance, with the crowd’s (surprised?) roar as HM appears, and it being perhaps the only time I’ve seen her look a bit emotional (or at least not completely stoic) during the singing of “God Save The Queen”:

    I think her own bit of surprise at the adoration of her and the Platinum Jubilee was evident then and in her message of thanks.

    • Also, shoutout to Chris Jackson from Getty, all the other (royal) photographers, journalists, and royal watchers (including our dear own HatQueen Stefanie) this weekend doing their best and a ton of extra work to make certain we get great photos and updates super quickly so all of us around the world can enjoy the Jubilee. It was great hearing Chris speak this past Tuesday with the British Millinery Association, and I think he took our adoration to heart by getting some great closeup photos of royal hats, especially at the Service of Thanksgiving on Friday.

  10. Yes, the black oversized hat pin is a mystery, but the color is wonderful.
    I am not British, but I shed a tear. Love and admire her so much!

  11. Nice color for HM’s outfit. The hat is very nice, except that small headlight in the middle. Can anyone explain to me why Camilla and Kate didn’t wear hats? And for that matter all the other royals watching the pageant? Was it considered too casual an event to wear hats?

    • Could it be that Queen Elisabeth was the only one (given her age) who needed a coat to step out on the balcony? And that she didn’t want to wear the coat without the hat? (Former Queen Beatrix regarded her hats as a substitute for the crown.)
      In any case, the hat made her appearance even more striking. I love the modern, graphic effect of the trim, such a refreshing choice for a lady of 96!

  12. What a wonderful weekend of Royal Hats, after quite a time of hat famine. I love this hat, but find the pompom pin centre front somewhat inexplicable.

  13. When she came out on that balcony and the crowd sang the national anthem, that was a poignant moment. You could see the emotion in her eyes. She’s quite a remarkable lady and I love how the monarchy brings out the festive spirit of the Brits. Noone does pomp and circumstance like GB.
    The hat itself is lovely, the color is fantastic, allowing her to stand out. I hope she gets some rest so we can see her enjoy Ascot.

  14. It was wonderful that Her Majesty was able to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace this afternoon after the Jubilee Pageant.
    I do like this new hat and in particular the hat band with the Celtic knot. It suits Her Majesty very well and teams beautifully with the elegant green coat.
    Her Majesty does seem a little frail making her message of thanks very poignant.

  15. It was so marvellous to see HM at the end of the weekend of celebrations, I know we all hoped she would make it. This is a beautifully made hat in a stunning colour. My only quibble is the placement of the oversized hat pin, I like the idea of it but it just has a look of a random black dot until you get close. But that’s a quibble. She looked a little fragile but well and happy. And that balcony group will obviously be iconic images for many years.

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