Ascot 2022 Day 1: Princess Anne, Timothy Laurence & Peter Phillips

Princess Anne and her family enjoyed the races today. She repeated a brown sinamay waved disc hat trimmed with ivory and chocolate layered sinamay bows and ivory feathers.

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While the hat pairs well with Anne’s embroidered coat, I’m neither a fan of the shape or the trim. It also is so like some of her other hats, I’m very surprised not to find any previous outings (I think it’s new!).  Was it the best addition to Anne’s millinery wardrobe? I’m not so sure. In the gallery below, you’ll see her husband, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, joined the carriage procession in his black silk top hat.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  I think this hat is new.

Peter Phillips attended today in his black top hat.

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4 thoughts on “Ascot 2022 Day 1: Princess Anne, Timothy Laurence & Peter Phillips

  1. I like the trim on Anne’s hat, but I’m not convinced by the shape. It looks too pancake-like, or like a bonnet that’s been sat on and flattened out.

  2. This has always been a gorgeous coat for Anne, but I don’t think brown is super flattering on Anne, and that is part of the reason why today’s hat choice falls flat (pun not fully intended). Indeed, this headpiece looks rather squashed otherwise, and in turn looks to be squashing her hair in the front. One of the previous hats worn with this coat would’ve been a better choice, but I think something in a different color (a darker blue is my first choice, or possibly a darker purple) would help.

    Mrs. William Nunneley (I hate that I can’t find her own first name) looks fantastic in her peacock feather cocktail hat.

  3. I think this has the potential to be a nice enough hat, but brown hat/beige suit is not the cheeriest combo, and the shape feels off. Maybe it would be better worn at an angle?

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