Ascot 2022 Day 1: Zara & Mike Tindall

Zara and Mike Tindall attended the races today, Mike in his antique black silk top hat and Zara in a cream button percher with pastel tulle pompom trim.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The whimsical hat is an unexpected pairing for this dress, but that’s what makes it work so well. Pair the hat with a floral ensemble and it would be difficult to keep the look from falling to twee. Here, the hues pull together while the edginess of the dress balances the frothy, fun hat. I’ll admit it’s not something I would wear but it’s so interesting to admire and Zara deserves kudos for carrying it off so flawlessly.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  bespoke Sarah Cant. Dress by Anna Mason. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn:  This hat is new

What do you think about this pair of hats today?

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11 thoughts on “Ascot 2022 Day 1: Zara & Mike Tindall

  1. I think Zara’s ensemble here is a good example of what we sometimes see, a total look being more than the sum of its parts. I’m not that keen on the hat / hat trim, and I’m not sure the black belt is the best, but the overall look is great, with everything coming together to add up to a much better impression than one might expect.

  2. Not my favorite hat ever for Zara, but still a fun choice, and the color scheme is wonderful for her. Mike still knows how to rock a top hat like few can, but it’s a shame he hasn’t kept up the hat swaps with Zara (at least not yet); I need this to continue being a thing!

  3. I’d prefer this hat on Lady Louise who could balance it better with her youthful spirit. I’m just never a fan of pompoms on adults because to me it looks a bit like a child’s art project. Perhaps that is because I taught kindergarten for so many years so the art projects still haunt me! As for the dress, I love the stylist Zara has been working with, she has looked amazing as of late.

  4. Oh, I love this hat and the full ensemble, it suits Zara so well and is perfect for the Ascot vibe! The color coordination with Mike also, and I particularly like the two photos in the second gallery of the gentlemen standing together in their top hats. We’re bingeing Bridgerton right now, so these photos are especially well timed.

    Didn’t we do hat with pompoms once back when we were doing largest feather, biggest flower, etc?

  5. I like this hat on Zara! I would think milliner’s sometimes struggle to find trimmings that aren’t flowers or feathers so this is fun and unexpected. And your comment about the dress print is a good one, a floral dress would make it too sweet. Love it!

  6. A fabulously whimsical hat for Zara Tindall today paired with a gorgeous dress. She looked amazing.

    As ever, Mike Tindall looked very dapper in his antique black silk Top Hat with coordinating mauve tie.

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