Ascot 2022 Day 4: Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first appearance at Ascot Racecourse this week today.

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The Duchess wore a new boater hat with shallow crown and extended brim  in chocolate, trimmed with sprays of white handmade silk duchesse and wire flowers.

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The colour is a surprise for Kate but works so well, the contrasting white silk flowers linking with the white and chocolate polka dot dress. It’s often difficult to balance proportions between a high-necked dress and a hat but the shallow almost bergère height crown on this design helps set superb balance. I love how the jaunty angle of the hat counterbalances the pleated ruffle on the dress. We’ve not seen Kate in a hat of this shape before and she carries it off so very well.

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Designer: Sally-Ann Provan. Dress by Alessandra Rich. 
Previously Worn:  This hat is new

The Duke repeated his black antique silk top hat.

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What do you think of the Duchess’ new hat today at Royal Ascot?

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12 thoughts on “Ascot 2022 Day 4: Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

  1. A nice change of pace from her usual looks, even in chocolate brown, although that’s one of the last color choices I would make personally haha. I would’ve also loved to see the hat from the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service repeated as it has a similar vibe to this, but it’s probably too soon to do so at this time.

  2. I was relieved to see that this hat is indeed brown. Several press descriptions said she was wearing black and white. When I saw she had caramel colored shoes and a clutch I was rather horrified at the major mismatch. Then some pictures I saw almost looked brown while others did look black. I was hopeful that the combination was truly brown and white which would be a refreshing change from black and white. I like the hat shape and the flower trim. Kate looks good in the brimmed hat styles she has been wearing lately. I hope she wears more since I think they flatter her, plus I am a little tired of her same old same old styles.

  3. Both the Duke and Duchess looks very good in their hats. I very much like this new shape for the Duchess. And chocolate brown. Not a colour we see often but looking very fresh here. The Duke looks increasingly confident when wearing a top hat, unlike a few years ago when it often seemed awkward for him.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the style and interesting shape. I thought all day it was black and white, so I was surprised that it’s dark chocolate. Really fabulous look. I love it.

  5. Ha, I’ve never been partial to boaters, but this week they seem to be everywhere! I have to admit they have all looked very nice, even this – gasp – dark brown version, which is NOT something I would have ever expected to like. But I do! So I shall keep an open mind from now on.

  6. Love it. On first look quite classic but with many twists. The hat is a new shape for her (thankfully!) and she rocks it. The dress looks simple, but that side ruffle gives interest. The Diana comparisons are heavy, the polka dots and the ruffle both recall very famous looks of hers. Yet she’s updated it so well. My only thing – it’s baking today in the UK, she must have been so hot in that high neck!

  7. I thought Kate’s whole look was superb, really elegant. The hat complements the dress beautifully, and considering that the hat has flowers and the dress has a ruffle, the whole ensemble still managed to look streamlined and unfussy while still being wonderfully summery and fun. I agree, the choice of white with chocolate was inspired.

  8. I think a shallow crown, extended brim boater has just become my favourite hat style!

    This was an absolutely stunning new hat for The Duchess of Cambridge this afternoon at Royal Ascot. The rich chocolate colour is lovely and the white silk flowers are placed so beautifully. It teams perfectly with the gorgeous polka dot dress.
    I think the chocolate colour instead of black was inspired.

    The Duke of Cambridge looked very smart.

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