Ascot 2021 Day 3: Round Up

Lady Sarah Chatto attended the races again today in her wide brimmed natural straw hat. No one does classic shapes better than Sarah! She is pictured arriving at Ascot Racecourse today with her husband, Viscount and Viscountess Brookeborough.

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Members of the Greek Royal Family also took in the races today. Crown Prince Pavlos wore a black antique silk top hat and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal wore an ecru silk covered button percher with beige-blush floral spray. Their daughter Princess Olympia wore a black draped headpiece with open crown and side bow trimmed with a black tulle veil.

Notable hats at the races today with royal connections:

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Lady Weatherby and Louisa Russell, Duchess of Bedford in Dillon Wallwork

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Lady Carolyn Warren

These additional hats caught my eye today:

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Hat by Shandana de la Riviere of Atelier of Fashion and Art

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Lisa Tan in her own design; Emily Cronin in Awon Golding 

Zana Greenwood in Park Lady gown and hat by Farthingale Historical Hats

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Ana Pribylova in her own design (Ana Bella Millinery); Yuan Li in her own design

Carola Humphrey in Valerie Millinery Collections

Headpieces by Jessica Collins – Bombini Studio Millinery

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Gail Hayden-Staph in her own design; Rosie Tapner in Catherine Walker

Alexandra Bertram in John Boyd

Elena Brown in Yuan Li

Angela Huntington in Rebecca Couture Millinery

My dear colleagues at the British Millinery Association, Jane Fryers, Svetlana Faulkner, Tracy Chaplin, Ian Bennett, Beverley Edmondson and Katherine Elizabeth. Jane is wearing a hat by Ellie Vallerini while the others, hats of their own making.

That concludes Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot this year. Which hats stood out to you most today?!

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11 thoughts on “Ascot 2021 Day 3: Round Up

  1. Sorry, but looks like I’m the only one who doesn’t care for Lady Sarah’s hat. It was a lovely look yesterday, even if I thought it was rather sedate for Ascot, but repeating the same plain hat two days in a row with a second outfit that’s devoid of color on Ladies’ Day no less? Even Anne and Birgitte, who repeat ensembles very quickly, have never done this as far as I can recall. Ok sorry, rant over.

    We also got some late photos of Lady Carolyn Warren in a light pink hat with pleated crin and roses for trim:
    Embed from Getty Images

    So many wonderful hats for Ladies’ Day (I especially loved Lisa Tan’s rainbow creation), but I also have to give another shoutout to the men, this time to milliner Ian Bennett:

    And while I thought at first it was another lovely display of national costume, the women in sarees and hats were actually “Doctors in Sarees” from the NHS:

    Embed from Getty Images

    • Thanks for the photos of Lady Carolyn Warren, Jake! I’ve updated the posts to include them. Thanks also for the “Doctors in Sarees.” They are wonderful.

      I’m on the fence about Lady Sarah’s hat. On one hand, couture pieces come at a price (milliners should be compensated for the skill and these pieces are of excellent quality) and I think it’s a wonderful statement of sustainable fashion to see them repeated and repeated. I prefer Lady Sarah’s approach to this over, say, Zara Tindall, who we know wears borrowed pieces (in exchange for the exposure she offers with wearing it but no further compensation to the milliner). However, we know Lady Sarah has other hats to choose from and some variety would be welcome!

      One idea for variety- during the pandemic, I have been learning the art of couture millinery flowermaking. My flowers attach with magnets so they can be worn on a hat, a lapel, a belt, the side of a purse etc. for maximum versatility. A removeable/changeable flower or hatband on a hat like Sarah’s could easily change up the look.

      • Sorry I wasn’t clearer about things: I don’t mind Sarah repeating a hat and agree it should be done more often. I was simply annoyed by the fact she repeated the same hat two days in a row to one of the biggest hat events of the year, it’s one of only two hats we’ve seen her wear this year, and it’s the only hat we’ve seen her in since it was first worn this year at Easter. I also agree that adding easily removable trim to a reliable hat like this one would help keep it looking fresh even when wore frequently. And finally, like you said, she has other hats, so it would be nice to see those get repeated in addition to this one.

    • I think Lady Carolyn’s pink dress is the same as the navy dress the Duchess of Gloucester wore the day before!
      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  2. Day 4 – William and Kate make an appearance, Kate in a lovely boater, with trim front and back, which I love!

  3. All the milliners modeled their creations well. I’m mesmerized by Lisa Tan’s design.

    Kudos to the trio who coordinated in patriotic colors!

  4. I’ve grown fond of Lady’s Sarah’s signature look – the full midi skirt, little cardigan, brimmed hat and jewels, and I tend to look for her in photos of public events just to see what version she is wearing. I think a little more colour in her wardrobe wouldn’t hurt, but she always looks softly elegant – and can pull off a brimmed hat very well for someone so petite.

  5. Lovely to see Lady Sarah Chatto at Royal Ascot again and the Greek Royal family too.

    Lady Sarah looked cool and elegant in her signature ecru hat and ensemble. The added touch of gorgeous jewellery elevated her look for Ladies Day. Lovely!

    Some amazing hats to admire again. Rosie Tapner’s boater with flowers is gorgeous.

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