Princess Beatrix Attends Flood Anniversary Memorial

70 years ago today on February 1, 1953, South Holland, Zeeland and North Brabant were hit by devastating floods that caused 1836 deaths. Princess Beatrix attended commemoration of this event today in the village of Oude-Tonge. For this , she repeated  a warm brown sinamay bumper hat with domed crown trimmed with curving leaves on the back.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Likely Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: Oct 14, 2017

Images from Getty as indicated  

9 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Attends Flood Anniversary Memorial

  1. Although I can see some of the other pictures in your posts , Hat Queen, the ones that say “Embed from Getty Images” don’t materialise (for the last several weeks). I wondered if anyone else is having the same problem? Or if the problem is with my computer or settings, can anyone suggest a solution!? Many thanks

    • I’m guessing it’s a consequence of a browser add-on or setting that blocks web trackers to heighten your privacy. Examples might be uBlock origin, Privacy Badger, built-in settings on privacy-conscious browsers such as Firefox, and others. Usually you can click over manually to open the image in another window. Usually also there are settings you can use to exempt this site from tracker blocking, if you like (thus allowing the embedded images to load). Search around for the specifics re your browser, platform, and whatever tools you’ve installed, and you should readily find instructions to do that.

      Aside: In my personal opinion, the increased privacy is well worth the occasional hassle, but one must be alert to recognize when a website is malfunctioning as a result. I don’t know if there are site-side changes Hat Queen could make to reduce this behavior or if her arrangement with Getty requires the tracking.

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