Dutch Royals Visit Curacao

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Amalia continued their Caribbean tour, moving Thursday to the island of Curacao.

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Thursday, Queen Máxima repeated an open-crowned headpiece covered in an ecru textured natural fiber (presumably cotton or linen) trimmed with stacked bows on one side.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

It’s a bit clunky in execution, the bows lacking crisp finesse and the ringed shape sitting, from some angles, a little awkwardly on Máxima’s head.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan.
Previously Worn:   Jun 24, 2015; Nov 16, 2013

Yesterday, Queen Máxima and Princess Amalia both wore fedora hats. Queen Máxima wore a wide brimmed design in warm toasty brown natural fibre, simply trimmed with a golden yellow hatband.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Julia Fedora by 360Five Everyday. Dress by Sandro Paris.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Amalia wore her second working royal hat! In white crushable flexibraid material, the design follows a traditional fedora shape and is trimmed with a navy ribbon hatband with small side bow. She wears it really well.

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Designer: Fiona Fedora from House of Ord. Dress by Zara.
Previously Worn: This hat is new.

What do your think of  the hats on this tropical tour so far?

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6 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Visit Curacao

  1. I think this is the best outing for Máxima’s circlet hat and overall I really like the idea of it, but again the devil is in the details and the construction of those bows/leaves is a bit too haphazard for my tastes.

    And while the wide-brim fedora is a nice look for Máxima, this time Amalia wins! That white fedora suits her oh so well and strikes the perfect note of being casual and easy for the visit, doesn’t age her (like some hat styles might), and can still retain an air of formality when paired with her printed dress. Brava!
    P.S. I am curious what “Flexibraid material” actually is, how it retains its shape, and what makes it hand washable; I would’ve assumed this was just paper straw, but the website offers no further information as to the specifics! A good hat mystery, and yet I’m also frustrated by it haha.

      • I suspect something similar, whether it’s a polyester braid, cotton/polyester blend, or perhaps a blend with some straw? My other concern is polyester may feel a bit hot in the Caribbean, even as a more breathable braid (or at least it would for me!). At any rate, the hat still flatters Amalia and Patrick van Katwijk got some great photos of her in it.

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