This Week’s Extras

King Carl Gustaf in a smart navy Borsalino fedora Thursday for a Blekinge County visit as part of his 50th Jubilee tour.
Crown Princess Kiko in an interesting double brim green hat on April 11 and a black silk covered bowler hat on Thursday


Empress Masako in an ivory short brimmed hat with yellow hatband on Friday.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

A very chic look yesterday on Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg for her civil marriage to Nicolas Bagory
Embed from Getty Images
Lovely snaps of Prince Louis released for his fifth birthday.
We end this week with this beautiful portrait, taken last summer at Balmoral.

Images from social media as indicated 


10 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Carl Gustaf is really the best of the current male royal hat-wearers, isn’t he? Excellent fedora!

    Princess Alexandra looks so radiantly happy that I can deal with the absence of hats at this event. Hoping we see some good ones at the religious ceremony next week.

    What stunning pleated hatbands on the Hirata hats! I also like the swirls of the denim blue Mirjam van der Welle piece, the vintage flowers on the dusty pink, and the Van Gogh-influenced sunny yellow picture hat — that one would be great for Max!

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