Hat From the Past

Royal Hats 101 years to April 1922 and a gleeful Prince of Wales, in a dapper newsboy cap,  testing a Japanese fencing helmet during his tour of Japan.

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12 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. HQ has mentioned that will happen. Researching the number of pictures in these posts and the background information must take considerable time.

    And we must pace ourselves. The current Royals don’t always wear hats…..☺️

    • So sorry, everyone. The past week in life has been one where everything seems to be happening at once. I will do my best to get the next coronation post completed today.

        • Thank you, Mandy.

          I’ll let you in on a little secret…. part of why things have been overwhelming behind the scenes is I’m preparing for an extended trip overseas that will end at Royal Ascot! I’m marking 10 years of covering Royal Ascot here at Royal Hats by attending two days, in person. And yes, I’ll share it all with you. Stay tuned!

          • What a happy coincidence: I’ll be available to schlep all your bags and hat boxes for you. Shall we meet at Heathrow?

          • That would be most helpful! Unfortunately, I’m off first to the continent to visit friends and family and need to schlepp all of my Royal Ascot fashion and supporting elements (including completed flowers for hats that I’ll make with a British colleague) around Germany and Italy first. Let’s hope it’s not all crushed beyond repair by the time I get to the UK.

          • HatQueen, that is fantastic! I can hardly wait to hear (read) your Ascot hat reports from right on-scene! Thank you, by the way, for all your great coronation coverage. I haven’t been commenting much lately because I’ve been very busy IRL, but I do enjoy reading each post and checking out all the photos!

    • HatQueen, glorious news about your trip to Ascot. Good luck too on all the schlepping. Any chance, your travels would let you store some of the delicate goodies somewhere to save the carrying – though I suppose you have already thought if that!

      Wishing you much happy hatting and easy travelling!

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