The Coronation: The Extended British Royal Family

Apologies, everyone, for the break between posts. As expected, the coronation was attended by members of the extended British royal family, the women in a parade of new hats.

Princess Beatrice wore a gold silk bandeau described by the designer as, “Understated and luxurious in equal measure, our ‘Graziana’ headpiece was inspired by Jackie Onassis’ iconic pillbox hats, reimagined in the form of a contemporary ‘hatband’. Crafted from smocked Duchess silk, and designed to create rich depth and subtle texture.” The pairing of gold headpiece and magenta dress is a little unexpected but works so well.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: “Graziana” headpiece by Emily London. Dress by Beulah London
Previously Worn:  This hat is new

Princess Eugenie wore a navy calot with dark blue crin swish and side bow.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Dress and coat by Fendi.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Zara Tindall wore a cornflower blue teardrop percher hat covered in the same fabric as her coat. The design is embellished with a matching silk abaca twisted bow and dyed ostrich feather pouf. While a familiar shape on Zara, the colour and trim on this design make it a standout on her.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Bespoke “Feather Percher” by Juliette Botterill. Laura Green London coatdress. Styled by Annie Miall
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones wore a bandeau headpiece covered in blush dotted fabric, trimmed with pink feathers on each side. With her textural skirt and silk jacket, the headpiece topped a decidedly couture look.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Jacket and skirt by Beatrice Ferrant.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new.

Lady Sarah Chatto topped her elegant pale yellow pleated dress with a matching straw braid picture hat. The design features a wide, cartwheel brim, shallow crown and is simply trimmed with a slim hatband.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Dress by Jasper Conran. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Davina Windsor wore a claret button percher with multi-looped bow and quills. Her younger sister, Lady Rose Gillman, wore a vibrant teal padded headpiece trimmed with feathers

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Embed from Getty Images

Lady Helen Taylor wore an exquisite ecru boater hat with black pin dots trimmed with an intricate black braid hatband, narrow black brim binding and a swath of dotted tulle veil.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Ensemble by Dior.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Marina Ogilvy, seen at right below, wore a black wide brimmed hat trimmed in an overlay of ruched silk.

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Princess Michael of Kent repeated her pearl grey silk covered pillbox with white ostrich plume

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Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: Jun 14, 2022; Jun 3, 2022June 19, 2019May 18, 2019October 12, 2018June 13, 2015;  Oct 18, 2014Jun 16, 2014

Lady Gabriella Kingston wore a vibrant pink saucer hat folded up around the back, trimmed with a twisted straw bow and large silk rose.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

How wonderful to see so many new hats! Which designs here stood out to you most?

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12 thoughts on “The Coronation: The Extended British Royal Family

  1. First, a belated thanks to our HatQueen! I’ve been appreciating your previous coronation posts, even if I haven’t commented. Loved the explanation of all the traditional elements of the King’s attire as well as the tidbits like the videos from the designers. What a memorable occasion, even for an American, and wonderful to see everyone so beautifully turned out, especially Kate and Sophie in those exquisite hairpieces!

    Highlights from this group: I’m not quite sold on the pairing of Beatrice’s gold bandeau with the magenta dress, but the color is gorgeous with her hair, and the smocking is lovely. Zara wins for overall look with the hat complementing the dress so well. Lady Sara — so elegant. Gabriella is striking as always. And I appreciate that no one went with anything like that infamous wedding hat that might have been a distraction. All in all, a great round-up.

  2. Lovely to see so many hats, and to see such a variety – thanks for tracking down all these views, HatQueen.

    I thought Zara’s ensemble was truly excellent. I often think her overall look is unbalanced when she wears small percher hats, however not only is this hat lovely in itself, but it looks great with the whole outfit, and trying to think why that is, I think it’s partly because the collar / neckline of her coat is beautiful and makes the whole thing look streamlined.

    Beatrice’s hat band is substantial enough to seem hat-like, which is great, and I thought it was a solid look. I suppose it is easier to wear with long hair, but otherwise I can’t help feeling I wish they’d stuck to the pillbox inspiration! I wonder how scarred she was by all the criticism of the hat she wore to William’s wedding? It would take immense confidence not to be influenced by that, and I can’t help wondering if it’s just age that has lessened her yen for experimentation, or the comments as well. It’s a shame, though, not to have someone who has both the occasion to wear hats and the desire to try something different.

    On the theme of not trying anything different, Lady Sarah is dependably elegant, and it’s nice to see that she thought a Coronation warranted a new hat!

    I felt Eugenie’s hat was one which showed how hat placement can influence a look, as I thought it would really have looked better if worn either tilted further forward, or further back! As it was, it seemed to lack a bit of the panache it had the potential for.

    Lady Helen’s outfit nodded in the direction of costume, although a very elegant one. If it’s suitable for any occasion, this (or maybe Ascot) was it.

    Gabriella’s hat, like her whole outfit, was wonderful. The accessories in a paler colour just stopped it being too much shocking pink.

  3. Another super post with a great selection of photos: thanks very much indeed!

    My favourites were: ZT – even though she (or her stylist) were conservative with their choice of hat design, it was a wonderful colour with lots of interesting details which she complemented with an excellently-executed hairstyle. And LadyGabriellaK who very rarely makes a style mistake. Again, the hat design is extremely elegant in a stand-out colour, making a superb complement to her elegant outfit. I liked PssB’s choice of colour combination (purple and yellow hues being “complementary” from a technical viewpoint) but feel the hat would have worked better as a “proper” pillbox.

    My least favourites were: LadyMargaritaA-J’s unflattering, messy overall design; LadyHelenT whose look ventured into Mary Poppins territory and LadyRoseG for a haphazard collection of random pieces which did her no favours at all.

  4. So lovely to see so many new hats on the British Royal Ladies.

    My favourites were Lady Sarah, Lady Gabriella, Zara Tindall, Princess Beatrice and Lady Helen.
    I think their hats all looked so good with their particular look and style.
    Lady Sarah’s cream picture hat was a stand out winner for me. I’ll try to emulate it at a family wedding later this year.
    But Lady Gabriella’s gorgeous pink hat had so many pretty details it was a close second. It suited her perfectly.
    Princess Beatrice’s gold silk bandeau was beautiful too. Gorgeous with her hair colour and an unusual colour pick with the berry pink of her dress.
    Lady Margarita also wore a beautiful bandeau headpiece which I liked. It was such an outstandingly quirky look overall. Made me want to be 25 again.
    Zara Tindall, as always, looked perfect. Her hat was beautiful and a stunning colour. Just once I’d love to see her in a big hat.

    Thank you Hat Queen .

  5. Such a lovely array of hats, a feast to the eye.
    Those who got everything right, hat, colours, skirt lenght: Zara, Lady Gabriella Kingston, Lady Helen Taylor (except for the shoes with back straps marked ‘Christian Dior’. I mean, if you pay for Dior, you don’t have to make publicity for them as well, do you?), Princess Beatrice, Lady Sarah Chatto (though I would have liked some contrasting colour). Princess Eugenie’s calot was by Stephen Jones by the way.

  6. I will start with my least favorite ensemble. I don’t understand Lady Margarita’s hat and outfit at all. It’s a hot mess. Everyone else looked wonderful and dressed up beautifully for this special occasion. My top three favorites were: #1 Lady Sarah Chatto in her new hat and dress (not a sweater set and skirt!) and her mother’s pearls. I did like her hat very much. #2 Zara looked exceptionally stylish in her outfit and hat. Her mother’s brooch looked lovely on her blue coat. #3 Lady Gabriella Kingston’s pink ensemble was stunning. Her hat was a perfect size and I adore it’s design. She wore it with panache!!! Her coat dress fit her perfectly and she looked amazing wearing that elegant brooch. I will say that Eugenie looked happy and healthy in her navy blue dress and coat. Her hat was perfect and her necklace and earrings were stunning!!!!!!

  7. Thank you, HatQueen! Please forgive my impatience!! This is almost as good as Ascot! I mean, even Sarah Chatto bought a new hat!!! Since I love vibrant colors I would give the win to Lady Gabriella, but I thought Lady Helen’s was very elegant, too. If we count the jewels in then Zara is the winner with that gorgeous brooch borrowed from her mother! Oops! No, the jewel win goes to Eugenie! Those earrings and necklace were knock you over fantastic! And if I was as pregnant as her I would have worn navy blue, also. I just think she should have cut the large bow (or whatever it was) off her backside. Lady Margarita was a hot mess, but it looked like she was enjoying the outfit and at her age she can get away with it! I think Bea’s bandeau worked well with her outfit. I love an unusual color combination and I think the bandeau kinda used a kokoshnik style tiara as it’s muse. Lady Davina’s hat looked nice, but a wintry color. The color of Lady Rose’s bandeau just makes me ask, “Why?” Thank you for pointing out Marina Ogilvy. I had missed her appearance. I like the aqua. I am not sure I like it paired with black, especially in the month of May.

  8. It’s a toss-up between Zara and Lady Gabriella. The cornflower blue is so complimentary on Zara, as is the vibrant pink on Gabriella. Lady Margarita had a lot of busy textures in her design. Harmonious or dissident?

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