Kent Wedding at Windsor: Royal and Notable Guests

In addition to the Kent family, Gloucester family and British royal family, Saturday’s wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston was also attended by a number of foreign royal guests. King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece were spotted arriving, the Green queen in a repeated her ecru and gold woven straw pillbox with whimsical, looped side bow.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: October 20, 2012; April 29, 2011

Our friends over at Luxarazzi spotted Prince Philipp and Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein among the guests. Princess Isabelle wore a wide-brimmed black straw hat with ruched brim overlay studded in pink silk flowers.

The Bulgarian Princess of Turnovo wore a large percher headpiece in pale grey crin. We don’t see Miriam at many royal events (especially after Prince Kardam’s passing in 2015), it was lovely to see her again on Saturday.

The bride was photographed in familiar embrace with Brazillian Prince João Henrique of Orléans and Bragança. His wife, Claudia, paired a mustard dress with a natural straw vertical saucer hat trimmed in slim multi-looped bows both above and below the raised side of the brim.

Scrolling through the gallery below brings up photos of several more Brazilian princesses. Duchess of Segorbe, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orléans-Bragança topped her green dress with a soaring, waved natural straw hat trimmed with what looks like a silk abacca hatband and flying bow tails (a Brazillian princess by birth, Gloria was the first wife of Prince Alexander of Serbia but is now married to the Spanish Duke of Segorbe).  Princess Yasmin of Orléans-Bragança paired her red dress with a matching circular layered headpiece in red crin.

While not royal, a number of noteable guests at this wedding also included:

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Jemima Jones and Jemima Goldsmith

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Carole Middleton in am ecru and grey Jane Corbett picture hat; Pippa Matthews in a blue velvet Jess Collett bandeau

That wraps up our look at the hats worn to Lady Gabriella’s wedding. Please share ones not covered here that caught your eye in the comments below.

Photos from Getty as indicated 

This Week’s Extras

Princess Anne looking great in a casual straw hat to present prizes at an eventing circuit competition held on her estate, Gatcomb Park, last Monday. She and Vice Admiral Laurence were spotted in casual sun hats, enjoying the event on Sunday.

The “nosai no gi” ceremony for Princess Ayako and Kei Moriya took place today at Princess Hisako’s home in Tokyo. This ceremony, the highlight of engagement rituals followed by the Imperial royal family, includes the exchange of special betrothal gifts (including sea breams, sake and silk) by both families and officially seals the engagement. The young couple and their surviving parents were later spotted arriving at the Imperial Palace for a visit with the Emperor and Empress, Princess Ayako in a white jacquard silk bumper hat with rosettes, braided trim and a tufts of tulle veil. Princess Hisako wore an interesting hat covered in melon-hued silk with rolled brim wrapped in white organza.


We can usually count on Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two-Sicilies to sport some interesting fashion during her family’s annual vacation in Saint-Tropez- while she didn’t disappoint this year, I really do like her sun hat.

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan speaking at a fundraiser for the American Alzheimer’s Association earlier this month in New York in an animal printed straw hat

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Queen Elizabeth was spotted en route to church in Scotland today in a new pale blue hat with black trim. She was joined by Princess Beatrice who looked very fashionable in a wide brimmed, dark Garbo hat. She also debuted a new cream and blue hat for church last Sunday that you won’t want to miss.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Very happy yellow straw beret/calot from Danish milliner Susanne Juul with beautiful handmade irises
Lilac and lime statement oversize saucer with flowers from Irish milliner Carol Kennelly
Stunning black ringed headpiece with feathers from Australian brand Jill and Jack Millinery
Pink percher with impressive silk abaca trim from Liverpool milliner Tracy Miller
Lovely lace applique and flower embellishment on this red hat from Dutch milliner Maria Marcus
Beigey-pink straw boater with interesting cobweb brim from Irish milliner Edel Black
White wide brimmed straw saddle with black arrow trimmed feathers from British brand Bundle MacLaren
Textural magenta straw beret with twist from British-Australian milliner Louise Georgette
Gold lily-of-the-valley trim on a large button percher from Rachel Trevor Morgan
Watery blue and green ombre straw saucer from London-based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir

And from Jane Fryers Millinery, this striking green and black beret base percher made of fish leather- leather made from fish skin, something that is usually discarded in the fishing industry.


 Royal Hats

Princess Ayako and Kei Moriya used the occasion of their “nosai no gi” engagement sealing ceremony today to release a series of sweet engagement photos (Imperial Family Of Japan)

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary shared numerous snaps of their family’s visit to the Knuthenborg Safaripark.

Lovely vacation snaps from the Luxembourg royal family that include eldest and youngest family members

 I’ve been on vacation this week and not tuned closely into royal news- I trust you will all fill in the gaps I’ve missed!

Greek Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Royal Guests

The wedding of a crown prince of any nation is usually cause for a major royal celebration. While Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Prince of Denmark did not marry in either of the nations where he holds princely title, his wedding to Marie-Chantal Miller on July 1, 1995 was a grand event nonetheless.

Along with the queens on the groom’s side of the family (Queen Anne-Marie, Queen Margrethe and Queen Sofia), Queen Elizabeth, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Queen Noor of Jordan and Grand Duchess Josephine of Luxembourg all attended this event. Queen Elizabeth wore a very pretty lavender hat with pleated straw crown while Queen Silvia wore a pink picture hat with white pleated crin brim. Grand Duchess Josephine topped her graphic black and white striped suit with a white straw hat with gently curved brim.

Queen Noor wore a white straw hat in the shape of an oversize cloche. The bell brim was further enlarged by a huge bow at the back of the hat. Of all the hats worn at this wedding, I think think this one is most ‘stuck’ in the millinery fashion of the time.Queen Noor, July 1, 1995 | Royal HatsPrincess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (as she was known then) wore a beige silk headband with bow at the side while Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who was still a teenager, wore a large white hat with squared crown and wide upturned stripe of black straw around the brim.
Hereditary Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats Crown Princess Victoria, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Princess Alexandra of Kent wore a  pale green hat with tall crown trimmed with a mass of green feathers around the base of the crown. It is a style of hat we see on Alexandra still today and one that is just so quintessentially her. tThe Duchess of Marlborough topped her sky blue suit and lacy blouse with a white hat wrapped in pleated swaths of organdie. I believe Princess Michael of Kent was also in attendance although I have been unable to locate a photo of her hat.
Princess Alexandra of Kent, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats  Duchess of Marlborough, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Empress Farah of Iran and her daughter-in-law Princess Yasmin, both wore hats trimmed with large bows. While Farah’s hat had a square crown and larger crown than Yasmine’s hat, which had a smaller cartwheel shaped brim, I think both hats are perfect examples of 1990s millinery fashion.
Empress Farah and Princess Yasmine, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Princess Marina of Savoy (now Princess of Naples) memorably wore a large navy picture hat trimmed with a wide swath of coordinating feathers. The hat on its own is a bold look but paired with her feather hemmed dress, is almost beyond description. In comparison, the Duchess of Bragança, who had married the Duke earlier in 1995, was more conservatively dressed in a pistachio green suit and matching floral trimmed hat.
Princess Marina of Savoy, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats Duchess of Bragança, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Queen Margarita of Bulgaria wore an interesting domed hat in natural straw trimmed by a slim burgundy ruffle near the top of the crown. Her daughter-in-law Carla, the Princess of Panagyurishte, wore a simple cream straw hat.
Queen Marie, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats 1995-01-07 Pavlos & MC wedding 54
The Princess of Vidin topped a pale blue and brown flowered suit with a chocolate straw hat. The brim on the front of the hat was curled back to the crown, leaving a halo around her face. Rosario, The Princess of Preslav, wore a large straw picture hat. With a beige square crown and white curved brim, edged in a wide beige stripe, the hat coordinated well with Rosario’s beige and white Valentino dress. Princess Kalina, who attended with Prince Laurent of Belgium, wore a characteristically unusual outfit, pairing a floppy natural straw picture hat with an embroidered, slinky bias cut dress.
That concludes our look back at the Greek Royal Wedding! I am most curious to hear your thoughts on the hats worn by these royal guests. And, I’m sure you join me in wishing Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal a very happy 20th anniversary.
Greek Royal wedding, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Photos from The Royal Forums and Getty as indicated

Royal Wedding In Brazil

Prince João Philippe of Orleans-Braganza (great-great grandson of Her Imperial Highness Senhora Dona Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil) recently married Miss Yasmin Paranaguá. For the informal civil wedding which occurred July 20, the bride wore a white fascinator with birdcage net veil.

Prince João Philippe of Orleans-Braganza and Yasmin Paranaguá, July 20, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince João Philippe of Orleans-Braganza and Yasmin Paranaguá, July 20, 2013 | The Royal Hats BlogFor her religious wedding this past weekend, Princess Yasmin of Orleans-Braganza (as she is now known) wore a voluminous net veil to compliment her off-the-shoulder gown. The veil was anchored by two large silk flowers on either side of her chignon. It was one of the most creative royal bridal veil/headpiece combinations I have ever seen and I liked the overall effect.  A gallery of the religious wedding can be viewed here.

Prince João Philippe of Orleans-Braganza and Yasmin Paranaguá, August 3, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince João Philippe of Orleans-Braganza and Yasmin Paranaguá, August 3, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

The Brazilian Royal Family was deposed in 1889 and its members hold no ceremonial duties (like many of the other deposed royal houses). I believe the couple will reside in Rio where João Philippe works in business and Yasmin, who studied Industrial Design at the Catholic University of Rio, is a fashion designer.

Photos from Lu LacerdaEpoca / B.Astute via Noblesse et Royautes, Denise Leo via Lu Lacerda; Glamurama; and Bruno Astuto via Epoca