The Queen Attends Thatcher Funeral

The funeral of Baroness Margaret Thatcher was held this morning at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip attended; the Queen wore an asymmetrical black crepe hat with a curly-cue side detail. The shape and fabric material of the hat lead me to strongly suspect it was designed by the Queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly.

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The Duchess of York wore a black felt calot hat with trailing bow by Ilda di Vico.

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Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece was also in attendance. Her statement hat with wide, open net brim was unique and I thought it looked striking on her. Her hat was  a modified version of Philip Treacy’s “Mini Beano Swirl” (with the large cream swirl  removed).

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British First Lady Samantha Cameron wore a simple black straw beret with flat fabric bow.

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Several former British First Ladies were also in attendance. Sarah Brown wore a black felt calot hat embellished with black felt flowers and leaves and black net tulle.

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Cherie Blaire wore a tall black straw bumper hat trimmed with black shirred silk on one side of the hat.

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Dame Norma Major wore a black straw hat in a modified cloche shape with squared crown and downward turned brim. The hat was trimmed with a back straw bow and black and white feathers.

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Baroness Thatcher’s daughter Carol, daughter-in-law Sarah, and granddaughter Amanda all wore beautiful black hats by Philip Treacy.

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I’m sure you all join me in extending our condolences to this family at the loss of their mother and grandmother.

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20 thoughts on “The Queen Attends Thatcher Funeral

    • The image you paint, sir, is most poetic. I sadly must concur, however, that this hat is an example of excess and looses its effect in the clash of net, sparkle, velvet and shine. I can grant this hat only 5/10. The hat of the Ducess of York receives a 2/10 as it is completely the wrong proportion to her stature and ensemble. Quelle horreur- the bow placed on the crown makes it appear as though this hat has propellers that will cause it to lift off at any moment. Mrs. Cameron’s chic beret receives a 9/10 as it oozes both elegance and restraint (the only things that should be communicated through fashion at a funeral). Queen Elizabeth’s hat is as sad a disappointment as is the loss of Mrs. Thatcher, a truly remarkable woman. The sharp angles on this hat are extremely unflattering and I must admonish the continued use of that silly shaped diagonal crown. Monarchs as elegant as this one should always look regal, not comical as is the case with this unfortunate chapeau. I can grant this hat only 3/10.

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and wanted to say I really enjoy it. You know alot about royal hats! I thought the funeral today was so well done and Mrs. Thatcher’s granddaughter Amanda did such a good job with the reading. She’s going to be famous now here in the US. I really liked all these hats except the last one. That one was a bit much for me.

    • I’m not sure a funeral is the place I want to see overly interesting hats. That said, I thought Sarah, Carol and Amanda Thatcher’s hats were beautiful.

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